Damar's attack ship, formerly Luaran's attack ship, was a Jem'Hadar attack ship commanded by Luaran in 2375.

In that year, the ship docked at the Kelvas facility to be outfitted with a Breen energy dissipator. The warship was chosen by the Cardassian Rebellion to be the ship they would use to bring its energy dissipator to the Federation for study.

Kira Nerys, Odo, Elim Garak, Damar, and Rusot boarded the vessel and were taken to the bridge. After killing Luaran and the Jem'Hadar, it was intended they would leave the space station. However, the Breen weapon had not been installed.

Fortunately, their presence went unnoticed and once the Breen engineers completed their work on the starship, they were rendered unconscious by neurazine gas. The attack ship detached from the repair facility and immediately went to warp, headed towards Federation space. (DS9: "Tacking Into the Wind")

The attack ship was taken to Deep Space 9 where Miles O'Brien conducted a number of tests, then forwarded the schematics of the Breen weapon to Starfleet Engineering, who was in turn, were going to generate a preliminary report. After Captain Benjamin Sisko was convinced that O'Brien had all the data on the weapon, he sent Kira and Garak on their way, as they believed that they had to evade several Jem'Hadar patrols in order to reach Damar's base, and they wanted to do so before they altered their patrol routes. (DS9: "Extreme Measures")

After regrouping at Damar's base, Damar and other members of the Cardassian Rebellion to travel to Cardassia Prime. After Damar, Kira, and Garak left the ship to meet with Gul Revok and Legate Goris, Seskal was left in command. Unfortunately, the Dominion was expecting Damar, and the attack ship was destroyed by a Breen ship.

Shortly thereafter Weyoun reported in a Dominion propaganda that "Damar himself was killed while trying to penetrate our defense perimeter in a stolen Dominion vessel," which was shown along with the Dominion's footage of the ship's destruction. (DS9: "The Dogs of War") Not away that Damar had survived the ship's destruction, he later confidently reminding the Female Changeling that Damar had died aboard the attack ship. (DS9: "What You Leave Behind")

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