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Dan Plum is a stuntman and assistant director who performed stunts in 2009's Star Trek.

Plum previously performed stunts for J.J. Abrams in the action sequel Mission: Impossible III (2006, with stunts by Robert Alonzo, Gregory J. Barnett, Steve Blalock, Joey Box, Jennifer Caputo, Eliza Coleman, Dana Dru Evenson, Craig Jensen, Heidi Moneymaker, Hugh Aodh O'Brien, Chris Palermo, Mark Riccardi, Dennis Scott, Ator Tamras, Spice Williams-Crosby, Thom Williams, and Scott Workman) and in the science fiction film Cloverfield (2008, with stunts by Shauna Duggins, Dana Dru Evenson, Tanner Gill, Cole McKay, Eric Norris, Dennis Scott, and Webster Whinery, Jr.).

Working in the stunt business since the '80s, Plum has performed stunts in the science fiction thriller Black Moon Rising (1986, with stunts by Steve Blalock, Bud Davis, Greg Gault, Randy Hall, Carey Loftin, and Lane Leavitt), Joel Schumacher's horror film The Lost Boys (1987, with stunts by Janet Brady, Gene LeBell, and Spice Williams-Crosby), the drama The Wild Pair (1987), Tim Burton's science fiction comedy Mars Attacks! (1996), the family comedy Buddy (1997, with stunts by Chris Blackwood and Lynn Salvatori), the thriller The Jackal (1997), the mystery thriller Letters from a Killer (1998), the thriller Go (1999), the comedy sequel Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999, with stunts by Jay Caputo, Jennifer Caputo, Lisa Hoyle, Kim Koscki, Monica Staggs, and Patricia Tallman), and Paul Thomas Anderson's drama Magnolia (1999).

Further stunt work includes Robert Zemeckis' drama Cast Away (2000), the comedy Max Keeble's Big Move (2001), and the action thriller The One (2001).

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