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Dana Knutson is a prolific RPG artist.

He began working for FASA in the early 1980s and stuck with the firm, working primarily on their Star Trek line as both an interior artist and layout director. After FASA's license expired, he went on to become Art Director and artist for the Doctor Who and Shadowrun lines.

In 1992, Knutson joined TSR (later purchased by Wizards of the Coast), and began working as the original and primary concept artist behind the Planescape line. Some items that are credited to him from this line are the various symbols used, the look of the central city (and its inhabitants), and the "Lady of Pain". He also painted a number of the covers from the line.

He has continued on with Wizards of the Coast as both an interior artist and concept artist.

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Knutson's work on the Star Trek line includes (but is not limited to):

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