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Daniel Edward Cohen (12 March 19366 May 2018; age 82) was the former managing editor of Science Digest magazine before becoming an author of several novels in the genre of ghosts, monsters, and other-worldly beings for the Pocket Books imprint Archway Paperbacks. Among his works are:

  • Bigfood: America's Number One Monster
  • Creatures from UFOs
  • Famous Curses
  • Ghostly Terrors
  • Real Ghosts
  • Supermonsters
  • The Greatest Monsters in the World
  • The Magic Art of Foreseeing the Future
  • The World's Most Famous Ghosts

His contributions to the Star Trek universe in this topic are the reference novels entitled The Monsters of Star Trek (authored in January 1980) and Strange & Amazing Facts About Star Trek (authored in December 1986).

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