Danik was a Suliban male living on Tandar Prime. His grandfather settled on the planet. During his childhood, he had been a good friend of Major Klev's brother. He was the Director of Research for an engineering institute in Querella Province before being imprisoned at Tandaran Detention Complex 26 after the Tandarans began warring with the Suliban Cabal in 2144. His wife was assigned to another facility, and they spent years trying to be assigned to the same one. At first Captain Jonathan Archer, who was imprisoned at the camp by mistake, believed that the Suliban at the camp were Cabal. Danik informed him that the imprisoned Suliban were not members of the Cabal, but rather were innocent Suliban imprisoned by the Tandarans.

Archer persuaded Danik to help stage an escape from the prison. Danik was initially against the idea, but agreed because he did not want his daughter, Narra, growing up in a prison. After persuading the other Suliban to help with the attempt, he, his daughter, and Archer successfully escaped. (ENT: "Detained")

Danik was played by Dennis Christopher.
A description of Danik from the final draft script of "Detained" stated, "He's clearly a despondent man."

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