Danilo Odell was the leader of the Bringloidi, descendants of a group of early-22nd century Human Irish Neo-transcendentalist colonists, living on the Bringloid V colony. His daughter, Brenna, was the real leader of the colony.

While his colony was being transported by the USS Enterprise-D, Odell offered some major complaints such as when they tried to start a fire for cooking, only to trigger the ship's fire suppression system. In addition, after Miles O'Brien had offered him synthehol from a replicator, he remained wary of the drinks available until Worf changed the settings for a replicator to make real alcohol. He found the 24th century Earth standard of replicated whiskey lacking, although he was impressed with the potency of the Klingon beverage, Chech'tluth.

His colony was rescued from the planet because of the threat of solar flares. Another Earth colony had settled on the planet of Mariposa and they also were rescued. The Mariposans used cloning to create new life, but their cells had degenerated, and the cloning was not working. The Bringloidi and Mariposans would unite to form a new colony so that they could help each other. Odell was very enthusiastic about the new colony when it was explained to him that he would have to mate with three women to create a new genetic pool. (TNG: "Up The Long Ladder")

Danilo Odell was played by Barrie Ingham.
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