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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Discovery, and thus may contain spoilers.

Dannus V was the uninhabited fifth planet orbiting the primary Dannus, located near the galactic rim just shy of the Gamma Quadrant, at coordinates 011-8308211.4302, 011-8437857.6. It had a single moon and a ring system. Its rotation period was 31.4 hours and its orbital period was 470 days. It had a diameter of 13,983 kilometers and a gravity of 9.834 meters/second2. Categorized as class M, the planet featured a forested, snowy landscape with an average temperature of 0.4 degrees Celsius.

In 3189, the USS Discovery jumped to Dannus V after its computer had calculated a 5% chance of survival for Philippa Georgiou if she were brought to the planet. On the surface, Georgiou and Commander Michael Burnham encountered an enigmatic entity named Carl, who offered Georgiou a way to shift into her past in the mirror universe. (DIS: "Terra Firma, Part 1")

Following Georgiou's return from the past in the mirror universe, Carl revealed that he was the Guardian of Forever and during the Temporal Wars had relocated from his original home to Dannus V in order to hide from the various factions attempting to use him to travel through time. (DIS: "Terra Firma, Part 2")

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