Daren herbal tea blend number three was one of eight blends of herbal tea programmed into the replicator of the USS Enterprise-D by Nella Daren in 2369.

That year, after learing that Captain Jean-Luc Picard had attempted to order Earl Grey tea, she expressed her lack of wonderment at the captain being unable to sleep. She offered a tea that was not a stimulant, such as her Daren herbal tea blend number three, which she ordered from the replicator hot. Picard tried the tea and expressed his openness to trying her other blends.

Later, Picard introduced Beverly Crusher to this blend or one of the other blends. She found it delicious and asked him to identify it. Although he identified it as a herbal tea blend, he concealed where he learned about the tea, by saying he found it in one of the replicator files. (TNG: "Lessons")

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