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The Dark Matter Anomaly Crisis were a series of events in 3190 that brought back several former members of the United Federation of Planets back into it following The Burn.


In the 22nd century, a species that would be known as the 10-C, were forced to abandon their home world when it became uninhabitable due several cataclysmic meteor strikes. The 10-C were forced to evacuate their home world but those that were left behind and killed. In the following centuries, the 10-C were able to build a hyperfield to protect themselves. However, the hyperfield required Boronite to power it. Thus, they created the Dark Matter Anomaly to mine for it.(DIS: "Rosetta", "All In", "Anomaly (DIS)")

In 3190, five months following the discovery of The Burn's cause, the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet began rebuilding the themselves. The Federation went from 38 known members to 59 member worlds. The USS Discovery-A under Captain Michael Burnham were able to deliver dilithium to worlds such Alshain IV and encouraged them to engage in discussion with the Federation to share their resources. The Federation, under newly elected President Laira Rillak, re-opened Starfleet Academy and opened Archer Spacedock.(DIS: "Kobayashi Maru")

First DMA

During Starfleet Academy's re-opening ceremony, Deep Space Repair Beta Six encountered the DMA and was sent careening uncontrolled through space. Discovery under Captain Burnham and President Rillak were able to evacuate the evacuate the station despite the loss of Commander Nalas.

At the same time, Kwejian was struck by the anomaly. Courier Cleveland Booker investigated the anomaly when the birds started to act weird. Booker then saw a flock of birds falling out of the sky. Booker then saw a massive gravitational distortion that destroys Kwejian's moon and knocked Booker away. Booker's ship was able to return to Discovery and saw that the distortion had somehow pushed Kwejian light-years away from it's original position. The planet had been completely destroyed with no survivors.(DIS: "Kobayashi Maru")

Starfleet began a search for other Kwejian survivors. During a briefing at Federation Headquarters, Burnham, Saru, and Stamets told Starfleet C-in-C Admiral Charles Vance, President Rillak, and other Starfleet officers about the anomaly's size of five light-years across. Commander Stamets initially beieved that the anomaly was a roving Black hole. They also knew that it was heading to the Riscot system. Admiral Vance and President Rillak put Burnham and Discovery's crew in charge of investigating the anomaly. Booker continued onboard Discovery and used his ship to help in the investigation. Following Booker's close up investigation, Discovery's crew discovered that the anomaly had changed directions away from the system.(DIS: "Anomaly (DIS)")

During this time, Ni'Var's president, T'Rina offered up the services of their Science Institute in the investigation and fast tracked their negotiations to rejoin the Federation. Also at this time a rogue Qowat Milat nun, J'Vini and several mercenaries began raiding dilithium from Federation ships such as the USS Credence to help the Abronians move their ship. J'Vini was subsequently arrested by Captain Burnham and her mother, Dr. Gabrielle Burnham for the murder of the Credence's first officer, Commander Patrick Fickett. At the Science Institute on Ni'Var, Commander Stamets, Booker and the Institute's scientist studied on what Stamets called the Dark Matter Anomaly or "DMA" for short. As they studied Discovery's data on the DMA, they found out that it was not a wormhole due to no tachyons present.(DIS: "Choose to Live", "All Is Possible")

Following Ni'Var's return to the Federation, the NSS T'Pau and USS Janeway were taking readings on the DMA when it disappeared. The DMA then appeared within range of the former Emerald Chain colony, Radvek V. Several colony ships and Starfleet vessels, were sent to help in evacuating the remaining 1200 colonists. Prior to Discovery's departure, Vance informed Burnham and Saru of species such as Q as being behind the DMA. To help in the investigation into unknown Species 10-C , Vance had brilliant Risian Doctor Ruon Tarka come aboard Discovery to help in studying the DMA. As Discovery evacuated the remaining colonists and six criminals. Dr. Tarka, Stamets, Reno and Saru were able to determine that the power source was greater than what the Metrons, Nacene and Iconians could generate.(DIS: "All Is Possible", "The Examples")

During Discovery's investigation into a DMA created subspace rift, Stamet's Discovery's computer Zora were able to find particles from the Galactic barrier. Upon further examination of the particles at Federation Headquarters, Zora was able to determine the coordinates. However, Zora refused to give Burnham the coordinates. At Federation Headquarters, President Rilliak called in a Assembly that brought in both Federation and non-federation worlds' representatives in to discuss the ongoing DMA threat. While United Earth Defense Force General Diatta Ndoye advocated for a first strike against Species 10-C, Rillak and Emperor Lee'U believed they should attempt diplomacy with this species. At this time, Dr. Tarka, with Booker's support, believed they should create a Isolytic weapon to neutralize the weapon despite these weapons being outlawed by the 2nd Khitomer Accords due to their unpredictable nature. However, the Federation and Captain Burnham were able to convince the assembly attempt first contact with species 10-c. Tarka and Booker, taking matters into their own hands, stole the prototype spore drive and left to build the weapon. Zora knowing that the DMA was dangerous, gave the coordinates to Dr. Kovich and Stamets.(DIS: "Stormy Weather", "...But to Connect")

Following the assembly, Rillak tasked Vance and Burnham into tracking down Booker and Tark before they could deploy their weapon. She also wanted First contact with the 10-c to continue. Zora also discovered that a nearby species, the Stilph, may have starcharts that show the Ten-c's location. Burnham and Commander Joann Owosekun were able to acquire the Stilph's charts and track Booker and Tarka to Haz Mazaro's Karma Barge on Porathia. Despite acquiring the charts, Burnham and Owosekun were unable to capture Booker and Tarka before they acquired the Isolynium need for the weapon. However, Burnham was able to put a tracker on it before Booker and Tarka left. With the charts, Burnham, Vance, and Rillak were able to see that that there was a hyperfield that surrounded the species. They also realized that the DMA was searching for Boronite that was required to power the field.(DIS: "All In"[!])

Tark was able to build his weapon aboard Booker's ship. Admiral Vance sent Discovery with it's former security chief, Commander Nhan of Federation Security to stop Booker at all costs. Discovery was able to find Booker's ship hidden in a dead Rogue planet. Burnham sent in a shuttle under Saru to board Booker's ship, but Tarka was able upgrade it's security measures to stop them. After ensuring the shuttle crew's survival, Booker and Tark went to the DMA follow by Discovery. Both ships entered the DMA to search for it's controller.

Nhan, under orders from Vance, had a plan to destroy Booker's ship by targeting it's spore drive. However, Burnham was able to convince Booker to stand down upon learning about the DMA's time table for it's boronite extraction. However, Tark launched his weapon and was able to destroy the DMA. Both ships were able to escape the DMA's destruction. However, the controller and power source could not be found as it was on the other side of the wormhole. Booker and Tarka left the area and Discovery returned to Federation Headquarters.(DIS: "Rubicon")

Second DMA

The USS Mitchell detected a second DMA appearing in the same place as the first one, but at faster rate. Several representatives such as President Rillak, T'Rina, General Nydoye and Dr. Hirai discussed their options in dealing with the 10-C. After much debate, they decided to undertake first contact with 10-C with Discovery following it's sh. During this time, Booker decided to go after Discovery without Tarka, However Tarka was able to convince tor retrieve some programmable anti-matter from a former Emerald Chain work camp he lived at. It was there that revealed his reasons for wanting the power source: to go to Kayalise and see his friend Oros. Despite his disbelief, Booker went along with his plan and retrieved the programmable anti-matter.(DIS: "Rubicon", "The Galactic Barrier")

After Rillak transferred her powers to her Vice-President, Discovery left with several representatives and arrived at the edge of the Galactic barrier. Shortly after their arrival, they received word from Vance that the DMA had moved from it's previous location and was tossing debris toward Earth and Ni'Var within 71 hours. (DIS: "The Galactic Barrier")

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