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Darryl Henriques (born 28 January 1942; age 79) portrayed the Romulan Ambassador Nanclus in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. He also appeared as Portal 63 in the Star Trek: The Next Generation first season episode "The Last Outpost".

Henriques began his film career in 1982 appearing in Citizen with Whoopi Goldberg. Next, Henriques was seen in the biopic The Right Stuff(1983) with David Clennon. Henriques followed with the comedy Best Defense alongside Raye Birk, Paul Comi, Jake Dengel, Gene Dynarski, Paul Eiding, Javier Grajeda, John Hostetter and Joel Polis. Henriques found himself in the cast of Walt Disney Pictures first R-rated film, the 1986 comedy hit Down & Out in Beverly Hills joining Carolyn Allport and Irene Tsu. That same year, Henriques continued in the comedy way in Blake Edwards:A Fine Mess working on the film with James Cromwell, Castulo Guerra, Paul Sorvino and Valerie Wildman.

In 1987, Henriques acted again with Hostetter and Wildman in Beverly Hills Cop II joining franchise headliner Ronny Cox as well as Stephen Liska, Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr. and Dean Stockwell. The next film that year was the spy thriller No Way Out with again John Hostetter as well as Iman, Leon Russom and Nicholas Worth. Henriques finished 1987 in his first short film role, Ray's Male Heterosexual Dance Hall with Tommy Hinkley. 1988 saw Henriques in the goofball comedy Vibes with Googy Gress. Henriques then appeared in the sixth film of the Police Academy films, 1989's "City Under Siege" joining the headliner in that series David Graf along with Arthur Batanides, Gerrit Graham, Kenneth Mars, Matt McCoy and Angelo Tiffe.

Henriques got started in the 90s in the 1991 period adventure The Rocketeer joining William Boyett, William Frankfather, Max Grodénchik, Clint Howard, Ed Lauter, Terry O'Quinn, Don Pugsley, Tiny Ron and Paul Sorvino. Next for Henriques was the 1994 thriller The Unborn II with Robin Curtis. He then appeared in the 1995 family-adventure film Jumanji with Kirsten Dunst, Bebe Neuwirth and Frank Welker. Henriques ended the 90s in The Thirteenth Floor alongside Robert Clendenin, Brad William Henke, Rif Hutton, Leon Rippy and Jeremy Roberts. Also that year was the comedy Buddy Boy teamed with Jessica Gaona, Harry Groener, Tom McCleister and Kellie Waymire. Henriques' only film in the 2000s was the 2001 comedy Just Visiting with Danny Goldring, Kelsey Grammer and Malcolm McDowell.

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