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Darth Schuhe (born 19 September 1977; age 42) is an actor and film maker who appeared as an Enterprise crewmember in J.J. Abrams' 2009 film Star Trek. As an actor and boom operator he also worked on the 2013 fan film Trek Wars: The Movie along with fellow Star Trek actor Ryan T. Husk.

Schuhe was born in San José, California where he graduated from the Piedmont Hills High School in 1995. He then moved to San Francisco where he attended the San Francisco State University. Currently, Schuhe is living in Los Angeles, California.

Schuhe worked as associate producer on the short comedy The Contest 2: Darth and Mike Strike Back! (2008) and on the short crime comedy Funny Business (2010) for which he also wrote the story. On both short films he worked with Ryan T. Husk.

As an actor, he worked on the short comedy The Contest: A New Hoax (2007) and its sequel The Contest 2: Darth and Mike Strike Back! (2008), the adult films Foxtrot (2008) and Fleshdance (2008), the short fantasy film Warshem! (2008), the short project BloodRayne: A Fan Film (2008), the short comedy The Building of Good and Evil (2009), the drama SafeHouse (2011), the short horror film Embrace (2012), and the web series B.O.G.E. (2009) and Goth Girl (2009-2012).

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