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Data records a day in his life for Commander Bruce Maddox, including observations on Chief O'Brien's wedding, and the mystery of a Vulcan ambassador who apparently dies in a transporter accident.



"Second Officer's Personal Log, Stardate 44390.1. Record entry for transmission to Commander Bruce Maddox, Cybernetics Division, Daystrom Institute:
"Dear Commander Maddox, in reference to your most recent letter, I agree that your study lacks the primary source information on my programming and operation. Therefore, in response to your request, this correspondence will include a complete record of my activities during a normal day, with particular emphasis on my perceptions of friendship."

Responding to Commander Maddox's help after Data's trial regarding his rights, Data records this log entry on Soong-type androids to aid Maddox's research. This is the day he records.

It begins with the handover of the bridge from night watch to day watch, with Data ceding command to Commander Riker. The first officer has deliberately arrived 15 minutes early to give Data, a member of the O'Brien wedding party, more time to prepare – a courtesy the second officer appreciates. Data relates his not-quite-emotional anticipation regarding his participation in the wedding and gives Riker the updates from the night watch, which essentially sum up the action to come. Lieutenant Juarez has gone into labor, and the ship is stationed, awaiting the arrival of an Ambassador-class ship, the USS Zhukov, bearing Vulcan Ambassador T'Pel.

Data's narration continues as he departs the bridge and travels to his first off-watch destination:

"Initially, Commander Maddox, I found it difficult to maintain friendships since Human emotions are often puzzling to me. Eventually, I developed a program enabling me to predict Human emotional responses to specific actions."

He then drops in on Keiko Ishikawa in her quarters to inform her that the wedding rehearsal is about to begin. Keiko, evidently anxious, reveals to Data that she is unhappy and that she would like to call off her wedding to Miles O'Brien. Upon Data questioning her, she says this decision would make her happy. Since Data introduced O'Brien to her, she also says it would mean a lot to her if he would talk to O'Brien on her behalf. Data accepts her request and leaves.

"My friend Chief O'Brien often says that, above all else, he wants to make Keiko happy. Since cancelling the wedding will make her happy, I must conclude the chief will be pleased at her decision."
Data informs O'Brien his wedding is canceled

"She what?! Canceled the wedding? Today? Without even a word?!"

Data arrives at Ten Forward, just as crew members are busily setting up the wedding decorations, and delivers Keiko's "good news" to O'Brien, whose reaction is entirely opposite Data's prediction. After O'Brien storms out of Ten Forward to see Keiko, Geordi La Forge advises that, next time, Data should let him deliver any "good news." When La Forge leaves, Data continues his narration:

"Commander Maddox, it would appear that my program designed to predict emotional responses needs… adjustment."

Act One[]

"Second Officer's personal log, supplemental. This is the 1,550th day since the Enterprise was commissioned. Besides the arrival of Ambassador T'Pel, other events occurring today include four birthdays, two personal transfers, a celebration of the Hindu Festival of Lights, two chess tournaments, one secondary school play, and four promotions. Overall, an ordinary day."

Data arrives at the transporter room and gives the order to Hubbell to bring Ambassador T'Pel aboard. Ignoring Data's greeting, she coldly informs him that she wishes to meet with his captain and immediately leaves the transporter room. Once inside the turbolift, Data again resumes his narration.

"Since I am not affected by emotional considerations, I am closer to being Vulcan than Human. However, while their devotion to logic has a certain appeal, I find their stark philosophy to be somewhat… limited."
TPel meets Riker

T'Pel introduced to Riker

Upon bringing T'Pel to the Captain Picard in his ready room, Data and Commander Riker are at once asked to leave by the ambassador, which they do without question. Data returns to the bridge, where Riker mutters to him that T'Pel is a "charming woman," in a very sarcastic tone.

"The tone of Commander Riker's voice makes me suspect that he is not serious about finding Ambassador T'Pel charming. My experience suggests that, in fact, he may mean the exact opposite of what he says. Irony is a form of expression that I have not yet been able to master."

In the ship's barbershop, La Forge and V'Sal are exchanging friendly insults and banter regarding La Forge's haircut and V'Sal's skill as a barber, since La Forge had been to the barbershop the previous week. V'Sal knows La Forge wants to look good for the wedding but says he is not a miracle worker. La Forge responds by requesting that V'Sal just keep his ears on straight this time.

"Friendly insults and jibes: another form of Human speech that I am attempting to master. In this case, with the help of Commander Geordi La Forge. I consider Geordi to be my best friend."

When La Forge asks if he has come in for a trim, Data replies, in his attempt at a friendly jibe: "My hair does not require trimming, you lunkhead." La Forge, in confusion, echoes "Lunkhead?", prompting Data to explain that this was an attempt at banter and was not intended "as a serious disparagement." Chuckling, La Forge advises him not to try it on the captain, and Data agrees.

Data then attempts to understand the interplay between Keiko and Chief O'Brien from earlier in the day, and he explores the terms "cold feet" and "jitters" with La Forge's help. La Forge ends the exchange by asserting his firm belief that the wedding will, in fact, proceed, telling Data that he'd better get a gift. Data's narration resumes:

"I find Lieutenant Worf to be what is called a kindred spirit. We were both orphans rescued by Starfleet officers. In many ways, we are both still outsiders in Human society."

Worf is in the ship's replicating center and confirms that he's picking out a wedding gift and agrees to help Data in finding something appropriate, having attended Human weddings before. Worf points out a selection of crystal glasses as a typical traditional gift his adoptive parents would give for family weddings. When he pauses the display on a crystal swan however, Data mentions that it was his understanding that the item selected should reflect the personality of the giver; a swan doesn't remind him of Worf. Data changes the subject to actual participation in a wedding. Worf notes his discomfort with the overall sentimentality of the wedding ritual and notes that though he would be honored to participate in one, he is not sure about all of the "talking, dancing, and crying" that would be involved. Data pauses at the notion of dancing.

"I am rarely in need of Dr. Beverly Crusher's professional services, as my bio-mechanical maintenance program is self-efficient. But I often observe as she practices medicine on others and have learned a great deal about Human interaction from her."

In sickbay, Dr. Crusher and her staff examine the expectant Lieutenant Juarez. Data asks her in passing if she would teach him how to dance. Crusher pulls him quickly into the privacy of her office after Martinez notices them talking about this while walking by and asks why her. After she hurriedly brings him into her office, Data brings up her service record and notes she won first prize in numerous tap and jazz competitions. She stops him and explains that was a long time ago and does not want to be known as the "Dancing Doctor" again. Data takes it as a refusal, but she agrees to teach him as long as they keep it between the two of them and imitates a zipped-lip signal, to which Data agrees and returns the signal. Data is then paged to the bridge by Captain Picard, who asks him for a tactical projection of possible Romulan deployments along the Neutral Zone, using all Federation records on the subject and report to his ready room, without any particular given area to study. The captain then orders the ship to set a course for 130 mark 246 at warp 7, which takes the ship very close to the Neutral Zone. Data continues the narration:

"It is fortunate, that I am able to perform my duties without emotional distractions. If that were not the case, a sudden course correction toward the Neutral Zone, would make me very… nervous…"

Just then, Data catches his right hand tapping the console apparently of its own accord…

Act Two[]

Data enters the ready room and gives his analysis of the Romulan strategy behind the deployment of their ships in the sector. Their ships are deployed to support a policy of confrontation, as a method to test Federation defenses along the Neutral Zone; with a 90% probability that they will continue that policy with no sign of a more conciliatory attitude on their part. Ambassador T'Pel agrees with the caution but states the mission must proceed as planned. Picard notes that Starfleet Command agrees with the ambassador, but his call for an escort is flatly rejected by the ambassador with her giving the captain a stern look. He then thanks Data as he leaves the ready room.

Data then goes to his quarters and orders feline supplement 74 for Spot, a long-haired orange cat that is Data's. He proceeds to his work desk and as he asks the computer to run a fluidic sensor diagnostic, Spot jumps on his lap and Data proceeds to give the feline attention. Data is shortly joined by Chief O'Brien, who comes to apologize for his outburst earlier in the day in Ten Forward.

"When one of my friends is distraught, I have learned that the thoughtful thing to do is attempt to make him feel more comfortable."

Data makes multiple and finally overly friendly attempts to make the chief more comfortable, offering pillows, music, and a drink. O'Brien gets to the point by appealing to Data to talk to Keiko to try and get the wedding back on. Data concludes by noting that Keiko may not have fully analyzed her position. He resumes his personal log as he walks down the corridor:

"Commander Maddox, I noted that Keiko was quite calm and rational when she informed me of her decision this morning. Therefore, I can predict that she will respond to an objective analysis of the situation based on the available facts. It is fortunate that she has not let emotional considerations cloud her judgment. It should make my task much simpler."

Data meets Keiko in the arboretum and logically and aggressively points out Keiko's "errors", to which Keiko responds with an emotional appeal to leave her alone.

"It is clear that I need guidance to resolve this situation. Counselor Troi's advice should be useful. In many ways, Deanna Troi is the friend I understand the least. Her life and her duties are predicated on her understanding of emotions. Since I have none, no doubt she finds me as much a mystery as I find her."

Data then describes his research to Counselor Troi regarding various wedding customs. In her office, Troi advises him that the best way to help Miles and Keiko is to just stay out of the process. They then move onto the concept of Data getting married and his reservation that he cannot grow old with someone. They are interrupted when Ambassador T'Pel summons Data to her quarters.

T'Pel attempts to make use of Data's Priority 3 clearance on the ship to gain information about the Enterprise's deflector shields' field strength at maximum output, using her access code of Kappa Alpha 4601704. Data informs her that while the code is valid, he notes that he has the same safeguards as the ship's computer and therefore must report any inquiry regarding restricted information to the captain. T'Pel lamely backs out of the request by telling Data she was merely interested in his security safeguards, and that they appear to be adequate. She dismisses Data and he leaves her quarters. While en route to a turbolift, he continues the narration:

"Commander Maddox, I have often wished for the sense that Humans call intuition or instinct. Since Vulcans are incapable of lying, I must accept the Ambassador's explanation as the truth, but I would still prefer a 'gut feeling' to back up this conclusion."

Act Three[]

Data dancing with hologram

Data learns how to dance

Data arrives at the holodeck, where Dr. Crusher is finishing up some pre-exercise stretching in a dance studio. She gives him one beginning lesson in tap-dancing. Data informs her after this lesson that she should simply teach him the final lesson. Data then perfectly mimics Dr. Crusher's routine, which becomes increasingly elaborate. Crusher has to interrupt Data's exploration of routines with the refrain of "Stop, Data!" numerous times.

After mastering tap-dancing, Data informs the doctor that he is now prepared to dance at the wedding. Dr. Crusher explains that tap is not used at weddings, though she doesn't know why when Data asks. She figures that the waltz, the appropriate dance, will be much easier, but contrary to her expectations, Data finds the act of dancing with a partner extremely difficult as he is unable to look at her feet, or understand the variables and nuances. Instead, Crusher leads while Data observes their feet as she explains the movements, and then to look into his partner's eyes while they switch leads, with Data being much improved. She also tells Data to smile, which he does with a mannequin-like enthusiasm. Crusher is called to look in on the laboring Lt. Juarez and leaves Data to practice with a holographic partner.

Data next arrives on the bridge as Commander Riker is telling a gruesomely funny story to two other officers and Ensign Kellogg who is monitoring the security console. His narration continues:

"Commander Riker's easy-going manner and sense of humor is fascinating to me. I believe it to be one reason he is so popular among the crew. It may also be partly responsible for his success in matters of love. There may be a correlation between humor and sex. The need for more research is clearly indicated."

The fun comes to an end as a Romulan D'deridex-class warbird, the Devoras, is detected. Picard brings the ship to yellow alert and sends them a message. The warbird replies that they are to proceed on a heading of 037 mark 005 to the agreed-upon coordinates which cross into the Neutral Zone. Picard brings the ship to red alert, much to the surprise of T'Pel, which the captain reassures her that he trusts his crew and will not take any provocative action, unless he orders them.

T'Pel informs Data to hold position at a specified set of coordinates. Admiral Mendak appears on the viewscreen and agrees to allow the ambassador to be beamed aboard. T'Pel refuses any attempt to have an escort, or to have the conference held aboard the Enterprise and departs to the transporter room by herself. Over the intercom, the bridge crew monitors the transport as the transporter pattern begins to break down. The bridge crew and O'Brien try frantically to save it, but it was for naught as the ambassador is killed.

Act Four[]

"Second Officer's personal log, supplemental. The risks aboard a starship are accepted by all who serve, but I have never failed to observe a deep emotional response to the loss of a comrade. It is at times like this that I greatly miss the ability to share Human feelings."

Chief O'Brien begins as the narrative ends to describe the accident and Data supplies that it is unlike any transporter malfunction ever recorded on a Starfleet vessel as backups were specifically designed to prevent that. La Forge establishes that the transporter is in perfect working order, and O'Brien follows up with the statement that the transition coil was replaced only the week before, and that there was no interference from the Romulans' shields. Dr. Crusher then reports that there isn't enough left of T'Pel to do an autopsy, only some molecular compounds left on the transporter pad.

Worf calls Picard over the intercom that Admiral Mendak is hailing. Picard returns to the bridge and reports the apparent death of T'Pel. Mendak compliments him for a well-played maneuver, accusing him of arranging for T'Pel's death, and recommending that both ships leave the Neutral Zone. Picard gives Data the task of investigating the accident.

"Captain Picard was the person who first interested me in the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I have subsequently become a great admirer of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes and his ability to solve mysteries by careful examination of the available evidence."
"I have found Holmes' methodology of deductive reasoning to be quite useful. One of his adages is that once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

Data then arrives at sickbay and asks for a comparison of the ambassador's last transporter ID trace with the remains, with the caveat that he may be chasing an "untamed ornithoid without cause." The genetic code is examined and found to be identical, except that there are single-bit errors in the base-pair sequence as if it were replicated material. Dr. Crusher postulates that either the DNA was mutated by the accident, which Data immediately rules out as per the transporter records; or that the remains are not those of the ambassador.

Act Five[]

Data, La Forge, and Riker are in the ready room as Data explains to Captain Picard that the only explanation of the evidence is that a second transporter signal appears to have been operating during the accident, and that the ambassador was beamed off the Enterprise pad while fake remains were beamed onto the pad in her place. Picard queries Lt. Worf on the bridge as to the whereabouts of the Devoras. Worf replies that it is on heading 079 mark 125 at warp 2 and still in the Neutral Zone, on its way home.

"The safest and most logical decision in this situation is to contact Starfleet and await further instructions. However, based on past experience, I project only a 17% chance Captain Picard will choose that alternative."

Picard calls the ship to red alert again but orders all hands to battle stations. The captain orders the Enterprise to intercept the Devoras while Riker immediately orders Worf to raise shields, with all weapons loaded and ready. As the Enterprise comes in hot, the Romulan ship drops out of warp and both ships confront each other, ready for battle.

Admiral Mendak hails and begins to complain about Picard, who interrupts with an accusation that they faked Ambassador T'Pel's death and that they're holding her captive. At that moment, a second Warbird decloaks to starboard, and Mendak suggests that Picard leave. Picard states flatly that he will take any action necessary to rescue the ambassador, as she is a Federation citizen.

"In the game of poker, there is a moment when a player must decide if an opponent is being deceptive or actually holds a winning hand. This decision is based not only on the odds, but also on an appraisal of the man. Is he bluffing or does he have the cards?"

Mendak relents stating he is not ready to start a war today, and signals to his right, revealing Ambassador T'Pel, now dressed in a Romulan uniform with the traditional Romulan bowl cut. She introduces herself as Sub-commander Selok, a spy, and thanks Picard for his help in getting her home. Mendak notes that as there are no Federation citizens on his ship, he informs Picard that the game is over and expects them to leave peacefully before closing the channel; Worf reports three more Warbirds entering the sector on long-range sensors. The Romulans have scored a point on Starfleet today. Riker quietly sums up the situation as "Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you." Picard orders a reverse course back into Federation territory at warp 6.

Keiko is in the arboretum as Data approaches with an apology for interfering in her plans. She informs him that it would be best if he got dressed for the wedding, leaving Data confused as she hands him a white carnation for the "father of the bride."

The wedding takes place in Ten Forward. Traditional Japanese-sounding flute and string music plays, and Captain Picard officiates, stating the privilege of ship captains to perform weddings.

"There are still many Human emotions I do not fully comprehend. Anger, hatred, revenge. But I am not mystified by the desire to be loved. Or the need for friendship. These are things I do understand."

The wedding continues with a now-skillful Data leading the bride in a dance.

Back in duty uniform, Data looks for Dr. Crusher in sickbay and comes across Picard. The captain has dropped by the nursery after the wedding to see Lt. Juarez's baby boy, cooing softly in a crib. Noting that the child was born at the same time they were facing destruction, Picard welcomes him aboard.

Night shift illumination

Data begins night watch

Finally, Data leads his night watch team onto the bridge. Worf reports that all systems are normal, they are on course for Adelphous IV, engineering is realigning the main deflector dish, sickbay reports that Lt. Umbato broke two ribs during a holodeck exercise, and sensors continue to gather long-range information on the Murasaki quasar. Data takes the bridge from Worf.

"If being Human is not simply a matter of being born flesh and blood, if it is instead a way of thinking, acting, and feeling, then I am hopeful that one day I will discover my own Humanity."
"Until then, Commander Maddox, I will continue learning, changing, growing, and trying to become more than what I am."

The lights dim as the bridge's night watch commences.

Log entries[]

Memorable quotes[]

"Uh, Data, I've decided not to go through with it."
"You do not wish to rehearse?"
"No, I'm calling off the wedding."

- Keiko Ishikawa, talking to Data about her getting "cold feet" before her wedding to Miles O'Brien

"She what? Canceled the wedding? Today, without even a word?! Of all the childish, selfish irresponsible things to do!"

- O'Brien, reacting to the news of Keiko refusing to marry him

"This is my first officer, Commander William Riker."
"Leave us, please."
"Charming woman."
"The tone of Commander Riker's voice makes me suspect that he is not serious about finding Ambassador T'Pel "charming". My experience suggests that in fact he may mean the exact opposite of what he says."

- Picard, T'Pel, and Riker, while Data reflects on the moment in his personal log

"Since your actions did not produce the desired result, the only advisable solution would be to reexamine your decision-making process and look for errors."

- Data, referring to Keiko

"My hair does not require trimming, you lunkhead."

- Data, experimenting with "friendly jibes and insults"

"Have you ever been an actual participant in a Human wedding?"
"You would not consider it an honor?"
"An honor perhaps, but Human bonding rituals often involve a great deal of talking, and dancing and… crying."

- Data and Worf, discussing weddings

"There may be a correlation between humor and sex. The need for more research is clearly indicated."

- Data

"I don't want to be known as the Dancing Doctor… again."

- Beverly Crusher, to Data after making him swear to secrecy about her dancing talents

"Am I dancing, Doctor?"

- Data, upon learning basic tap dance moves from Dr. Crusher

"They don't do a lot of tap-dancing at weddings."
"Well, Data, because… I don't really know why, Data."

- Dr. Crusher and Data

"I could be chasing an untamed ornithoid without cause."
"A wild goose chase?"

- Data and Dr. Crusher

"In the game of Poker, there is a moment when a player must decide if an opponent is being deceptive or actually holds a winning hand. This decision is based not only on the odds, but also on an appraisal of the man. Is he bluffing or does he have the cards?"

- Data, comparing Picard's refusal to retreat to the tactic of bluffing

"Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you."

- Riker, to Captain Picard on their unfortunate situation

"Since the days of the first wooden sailing ships, all captains have enjoyed the happy privilege of joining together two people in the bonds of matrimony. And so, it is my honor to unite you, Keiko Ishikawa, and you, Miles Edward O'Brien, together in matrimony…"

- Picard, officiating at the wedding

"There are still many Human emotions I do not comprehend: anger, hatred, revenge, but I am not mystified by the desire to be loved or the need for friendship. These are things I do understand."

- Data, in his personal log to Bruce Maddox

"Welcome aboard."

- Picard, to the newborn Juarez child

Background information[]

Production history[]

Story and script[]

  • The idea of doing a "day in the life" plot was first pitched by Harold Apter during the third season. Various viewpoints were considered, including Picard's and that of the ship itself. According to Ronald D. Moore, Data's viewpoint was finally chosen, "because he's the only one who's up 24 hours a day". However, Rick Berman insisted that at least one plot arc should run through the story, and the Romulan spy intrigue was created. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, 2nd ed., p. 151) Michael Piller explained, "Rick believed that you cannot have a show that has no jeopardy or drama on Star Trek. I agreed with him, otherwise all you're doing is a scrapbook." (Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, p. 213)
  • The writing staff had considered a shipboard marriage for some time before the development of this episode. Michael Piller had at one point suggested marrying Picard. Another idea was to marry O'Brien to the female conn officer intended to replace Wesley. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, 2nd ed., p. 151)
    • Regarding the latter, Piller explained, "I was against that because I felt that O'Brien was too good a character and potential benefit to the show to make him another star's supporting character. I felt he would always sort of be a sounding board for someone else to talk to and I didn't want to waste him on that. So we never did get around to replacing Wesley and O'Brien emerged on his own." (Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, p. 213)
    • Moore added, "We obviously didn't want any of the regulars getting married, because that's a big thing and we didn't want it to be a faceless nobody. Everybody was delighted with the work Colm Meaney had been doing for us and we did want to do more with him as the series was going on. So we said this was a neat idea – we'll marry O'Brien." (Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, p. 213)
  • Moore was assigned to rewrite Apter's teleplay. According to Moore, "In Apter's version, there was a scene on the holodeck where Data literally does John Travolta's big disco number from Saturday Night Fever. Complete with the white suit. It was hysterical! Everybody knew we were never going to do that, but the idea of including some dancing was then in the air." (Star Trek: The Next Generation 365, p. 187)
  • This episode marks the first night watch seen on screen, although it does explain the difference in bridge lighting in several previous episodes. Moore got the idea from The Making of Star Trek, in which Gene Roddenberry was noted to have proposed that a starship's lights would be dimmed at times to simulate a natural day/night cycle for Humans. (Star Trek: The Next Generation 365, p. 187)


  • Gates McFadden and Brent Spiner did their own dancing in this episode, except for the overhead shots where Spiner requested a double, as he did not feel confident enough to pull it off. McFadden did the choreography, as she was a well-known Hollywood choreographer long before Next Generation. According to director Robert Wiemer, McFadden and Spiner also developed the lines in the scene, which were later accepted by the scriptwriters. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, 2nd ed., p. 151)
  • Second Unit and insert shots for this episode were filmed on Friday, 7 December 1990 on Paramount Stage 8 and 9 including the scenes of William Glover.

Cast and characters[]

  • This was the first appearance of Rosalind Chao as Keiko; her first and last as Keiko Ishikawa, and her first as Keiko O'Brien. She makes several more appearances in TNG, before becoming a regular recurring character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • V'Sal, the barber, first appeared in this episode. As his name was not stated in dialogue, the Star Trek Encyclopedia, 2nd ed., p. 310 assumed that he, and another Bolian barber featured in later episodes, Mr. Mot, were in fact the same person.


  • The running narration of this episode is a log entry recorded by Data for Commander Bruce Maddox, who wished to disassemble Data in a risky procedure to experiment on him in "The Measure Of A Man". After the trial on his right to choose, Data remained open to future collaboration, told Maddox to continue his work and said that he found some of what he proposed "intriguing." His reference to Maddox's "most recent letter" suggests that he and Data have had a continuing correspondence.
  • This episode features the first occasion where Data refers to Geordi as his best friend.
  • This was the first appearance of Data's cat, Spot, although it does not receive a name until "In Theory". According to the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, 2nd ed., p. 152, the cat was Spiner's idea.
  • This was also the first appearance of several locations aboard the Enterprise-D including the arboretum, the barbershop, the nursery, and the replicating center.
  • Picard's actions in this episode were mentioned ten episodes later in "The Drumhead", twisted into near treason by witch-hunting Admiral Norah Satie.
  • The device used by V'Sal's Human colleague to dye the alien officer's elaborate hair is usually seen as an engineering tool.
  • The replicating center is a partial redress of the bridge of the USS Enterprise as seen in the first three movies.
  • Data mentions that this episode takes place during "a celebration of the Hindu Festival of Lights", one of the few references to actual, non-fictional religions in Star Trek. This suggests (but not confirms) a date of October 24th, since the festival would fall on that date in 2367. Also, according to Data, the Enterprise was commissioned exactly 1,550 days (about four years, three months) prior. Taking the October date into account, this suggests the Enterprise was commissioned July 27th, 2363. This differs with the commissioning date of "4 October 2363" in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual. If the wedding date is taken to be 1,550 days after the date of commission in the Technical Manual, then the wedding actually occurs January 1st of 2368.
  • As an homage, Picard's wedding remarks are almost the same as those which Kirk uses in the teaser for the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Balance of Terror", an episode also involving the Romulans. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, 2nd ed., p. 151)
  • In turn, Picard's comments were used as the basis for the wedding in the Deep Space Nine episode "'Til Death Do Us Part". (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion, pp. 687-688)
  • By contrast, however, Benjamin Sisko officiates the wedding of Rom and Leeta in the Bajoran language, as he is acting in his capacity as Emissary of the Prophets, rather than as a Starfleet captain. (DS9: "Call to Arms")
  • Picard mentions, as Kirk had, that ship captains "since the days of wooden sailing ships" as having the ability to legally marry couples. This authority, however, was limited in many Terran navies. The captain also had to be a notary public or other recognized source. Some countries included a notary public license with the ship's master's certificates which allow captains to marry people on board.
  • The appearance of the pads on the transporter platform is inconsistent throughout this episode. In some scenes, the border lines around each pad are more pronounced than they are during others. This is because the set was being redressed for use in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. The thicker black border lines seen in that film were kept in for the rest of the series.
  • A passing shot of the Enterprise immediately prior to the wedding scene appears to use the same passes of the ship as "Encounter at Farpoint", though with the Excelsior elements removed.
  • The shot of a test cylinder being beamed away and back again appears to be the same shot from "Hollow Pursuits".


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abduction; ability; access code; accident; accusation; adage; Adelphous IV; admiral; adoptive parent; advice; agreement; "all hands"; alternative; ambassador; Ambassador-class; analysis; Andorian; android; anger; answer; anticipation; appeal; arboretum; arm; argument; arrival; assumption; "at hand"; attitude; Aurelia; autopsy; autosequencer; axe; back-up system; barber; barbershop; base pair sequence; battle stations; bear; beauty; behavior; best friend; biomechanical maintenance program; birthday; blade; bluff; Bolian; boutonnière; Brahms, Johannes; bride; carnation; celebration; chair; chess tournament; children; choice; citizen; commissioning; computer; computer log; computer program; comrade; conclusion; confrontation; contraction; coordinates; count; course; crew; Crusher 4; crying; custom; cybernetics; D'deridex-class (unnamed escort; unnamed reinforcements); dance (dancing); dance lesson; dance partner; dance studio; "Dancing Doctor, The"; day; day watch; Daystrom Institute; decision making process; deductive reasoning; defense; defense system (defensive system); deflector shield; delegation; destruction; detective; Devoras; diplomat; diplomatic conference; diplomatic relations; DNA; Doyle, Arthur Conan; dress uniform; ear; emergency manual control; emotion; emotional consideration; emotional distraction; emotional response; engineering status report; error; event; evidence; examination; exercise; experience; explanation; expression; eye; fact; father of the bride; Federation; Federation records; Federation territory; feeling; feline supplement 74; field strength; first officer; first prize; fluidic sensor diagnostic; foot; friend; friendship; gagaku; Galvin V; genetic code; genetic record; goal; "good luck"; "wild goose chase"; guest quarters; guide; "gut feeling"; hatchet; hail; hair; haircut; hairstick; happiness; hatred; headsman; high school; Hindu Festival of Lights; Hindu; Holmes, Sherlock; holodeck; honor; hour; Human; humor; hundred; idea; impulse power; "in love"; information; inquiry; instruction; intuition (instinct); intercept course; investigation; "Isn't It Romantic?"; irony; Japanese; jazz dance; joy; judgment; kimono; kindred spirit; labor; lesson; letter; level 1 diagnostic; lie; logic; long range scan; long range sensor; love; lunkhead; lying; Maddox, Bruce; main deflector dish; malfunction; marriage (bonds of matrimony); matter to energy signal ratio; medicine; meeting; methodology; Midsummer Night's Dream, A; minute; miracle; miracle worker; mission; mistake; mitochondrial structure; molecular structure; moral; Murasaki quasar; music; mystery; navigational system; negotiation; night watch; nucleotide base; number one; offer; opinion; opponent; organic compound; organic matter; organic sample; ornithoid; orphan; outsider; override; parameter; patience; patriot; percent; performance; person; personality; personnel transfer; phase transition coil; phaser; phaser range; pillow; play; poker player; playing card; poker; policy; power; power interruption; privilege; probability (odds); problem; professional services; promotion; protocol; question; rabbit; reason; record; red alert; rehearsal; rematerialization process; replicating center; report; research; result; revenge; reverse course; rib; risk; role; Romulan; Romulan Neutral Zone; Romulan Neutral Zone sector; Romulan Star Empire; Rozhenko, Helena; Rozhenko, Sergey; sailing ship; St. Louis; Saint Louis Academy; secondary school; security clearance; security safeguard; sense of humor; service record; sex; sickbay; signal lock; sister; smile; social interaction; society; solution; spy; "stand by"; standard procedure; starboard; Starfleet; starship; story; strategy; sub-commander; subject; subspace bias; subspace channel; subspace frequency; subspace message; success; supposition; swan; system flaw; tap dance; tap and jazz competition; text; theory; thing; thousand; torpedo bay; transfer sequence; transition coil; transporter; transporter carrier wave; transporter emergency; transporter ID trace; transporter malfunction; transporter pad; transporter pattern; transporter record; transporter room; transporter signal; transporter unit; tricorder; truth; turbolift; Umbato; understanding; variable; voice; Vulcan; Vulcan philosophy; "wait a minute"; warbird, Romulan; warp factor; weapon system; wedding (wedding day); wedding dress; wedding gift; wedding rehearsal; week; "welcome aboard"; white; yellow alert; Zhukov, USS

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Mexler; queen

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