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Data Base Factory (DBF) is a French company which provides services to companies and corporations who desire to branch out into markets where they themselves do not operate a subsidiary. The company typically provides "back-office" activities including customer service, marketing, distribution, and editorial services. This work includes the translation of print material into the language of the target market.

Data Base Factory was founded in 1999 in Paris by a group of French entrepreneurs who realized that language and local legalities proved to be barriers for small and middle-sized non-French companies. These companies had been unable or unwilling to set up subsidiaries in other language territories but still wished to expand their businesses into these markets.

Having stumbled upon an unfulfilled need and niche in the business community, the company has rapidly expanded since then. By 2015 the company had grown to fourteen subsidiaries with offices spread across Europe and the French-speaking part of northern Africa. It works in more than a dozen countries and eight languages.

In 2015, Data Base Factory was acquired by CCA International Inc., a French publicly-held company with a similar business model. It is no longer marketed as an independent company.

Star Trek associationEdit

Data Base Factory has never been directly granted a license to publish Star Trek material in any format whatsoever. Nonetheless, one of the first large accounts the company acquired was GE Fabbri, who subcontracted the handling of their Star Trek Fact Files publication for the French-speaking parts of Europe to the company, in the process becoming the principal reason for Data Base Factory's first subsidiary to be opened in London.

Released as the Star Trek Les Dossiers Officiels between 1999 and 2003, Data Base Factory also worked on Fabbri's follow-up publications in these markets, including the Star Trek: Les Nouveaux Dossiers Officiels between 2004 and 2007 and the Star Trek: La Série Classique - L'Édition Collector in 2007 and 2008.

Data Base Factory is not considered to be a "genuine" publisher, though under French copyright law, the company was considered the "official" publisher for the three Fabbri French-language publications, even though it did so on behalf of its consigner.

Eaglemoss Collections – the successor of GE Fabbri – was formerly a "sister company" of Data Base Factory when both were subsidiaries of the Financière Aurénis Group.

Presently, Data Base Factory (as CCA International) still provides distribution and editorial services for non-English language countries for Eaglemoss' Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection and the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection.

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