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David A. McIntee (born 31 December 1968; age 50) is a Scottish author. He is fairly well known in the United Kingdom for writing a number of Doctor Who novels and audio episodes.

In 2000, he wrote Delta Quadrant, a Star Trek: Voyager episode guide, for Virgin Books. This unofficial release caused issues with Pocket Books editor John Ordover, who scrapped a Voyager novel McIntee had sold to the publisher after seeing an advert for the publication. [1]

In 2007, McIntee wrote the story "On the Spot" in the Pocket Books Star Trek: The Next Generation short story collection, The Sky's the Limit. His short story "Reservoir Ferengi" features in the 2010 anthology, Seven Deadly Sins.

McIntee's first full-length Star Trek novel, Indistinguishable from Magic, was released in 2011.

He has also contributed to various magazines, including Star Trek: Communicator and Star Trek Magazine.

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