David Geddes Hartwell (10 July 194120 January 2016; age 74) was a Star Trek author and editor. He was an editor with Pocket Books, whose responsibilities covered media tie-in fiction, including the Star Trek novels.


Born in Salem, Massacussetts, Hartwell started editing magazines in the 1960s, and moved onto books in 1971. He edited thousands of works. His work won him acclaim, and Publishers Weekly dubbed Hartwell "an editor extraordinaire". His editorial work was recognized by three Hugo Awards, and he also was nominated a further 38 times. He was best known for work with Signet, Pocket, and Tor Books publishers.

Hartwell attended Columbia University, where he gained a PhD in comparative medieval literature. He was also an administrator for the Phillip K. Dick Awards.

He died in Plattsburgh, New York after complications following a fall.

He was married twice, and his second wife, Kathryn Cramer co-edited a number of works with him. He had four children.

Pocket Books series

Pocket, a subdivision of Simon & Schuster, acquired the license to publish Star Trek fiction in 1978 when Gulf+Western requested the development of a Star Trek book line as a promotional tie-in for the first Star Trek film, Star Trek: The Motion Picture. A total of sixteen titles, both novels and reference books, were intended to coincide with the premiere of the film. Hartwell was instrumental in getting the initial Star Trek license and authors for the series, and was the first editor of the line.

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