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David Hurst (8 May 192615 September 2019; age 93) was an actor who played Ambassador Hodin in the Star Trek: The Original Series third season episode "The Mark of Gideon". He filmed his scenes on Wednesday 30 October 1968 and Thursday 31 October 1968 at Desilu Stage 9.

Born Heinrich Theodor Hirsch into a German Jewish family, he moved to Northern Ireland at the age of 12, among the nearly ten thousand children who were rescued from the Nazi pogroms by the British government's Kindertransport program. Changing his name to David Hurst, he first appeared on the Belfast stage at a repertory theater. Hurst joined the British Army during World War II, and was assigned – due to his German background – to the Entertainments National Service Association, where he performed as an actor and comedian.

After appearing in a number of British films and on the London stage, Hurst moved to the United States in 1957. In Hollywood, he has made guest appearances on such television series as Mission: Impossible, The Monkees, The Mod Squad (starring Clarence Williams III and Tige Andrews), McCloud (starring Diana Muldaur), and Quincy (with Robert Ito and Garry Walberg).

Hurst co-starred with Julie Newmar, Fritz Weaver, Alan Oppenheimer, Arthur Batanides, and Garry Walberg in the 1969 comedy The Maltese Bippy. He also had supporting roles in such classic feature films as Hello, Dolly! (with Billy Curtis, Morgan Farley, and Carey Foster), Kelly's Heroes (with Perry Lopez and Tom Troupe), and The Boys from Brazil (with John Rubinstein).

Hurst returned to Germany in the early 1990s, and lived in Vienna, Austria and his city of birth, Berlin, for the rest of his life. He retired from acting work in 2000. He died on 15 September 2019, suffering a stroke and pneumonia.

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