David Orange

Star Trek Timeline [INTERACTIVE]


David Orange is the actor who portrayed the "Sleepy Klingon" in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. He filmed his scenes with fellow Klingon actor Clay Hodges on Tuesday 9 April 1991 on Paramount Stage 15.

Orange is an experienced theater and television actor, having twice co-starred on Broadway: in the Tony Award-winning Torch Song Trilogy with Harvey Fierstein, and also in Knockout with Danny Aiello. On screen, he began professionally acting in 1975 when he appeared in No Place to Hide. In 1985, Orange appeared in an ABC Weekend Special entitled "The Two-Minute Werewolf" (alongside Tucker Smallwood). He has guest-starred in over a dozen TV episodes and was also was featured in the 2000 production of The Pig Farm and nearly 300 television commercials.

Orange has published fiction including horror novella Mutant Specimen L, romance thriller Mine Game and science fiction suspense thriller novel entitled The Powder Merchant was published in December 2009. [1]

Orange has published articles on topics such as celebrities, wine, and food in TASTED Magazine. [2]

Orange has appeared at numerous science fiction conventions.

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