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David "Dave" Sparrow (born 4 March 1962; age 58) is the actor who played Loth in the Star Trek: Voyager seventh season episode "Renaissance Man".

Born as David Charles Arthur Sparrow in Solihull, Warwickshire, England, Sparrow and his family moved to Toronto, Canada in 1962. He received Bachelor degrees in English and Writing from the Stong College at York University. He worked as a paramedic, laborer, teacher, and radio announcer until he found his future in the acting business. Sparrow is also working as a director, writer, producer, and author and has released several projects, including short films, the television drama Teddy Bear (2008), comedy sketches, a children's book, and television pilots. He is the VP of Member Services for ACTRA Toronto and is living with his wife and two daughters in Toronto.

Sparrow started his acting career in the early '90s with appearances in the comedy The Santa Claus (1994, with Steve Vinovich), the action film Terminal Rush (1995), the comedy Senior Trip (1995, with Matt Frewer and Nicole de Boer), Sidney Lumet's drama Critical Care (1997, with Wallace Shawn), and guest roles in the television series F/X: The Series (1997, directed by Paul Lynch), Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension (1998), and Due South (1998).

Further performances include the drama One Tough Cop (1998), the television drama Cruel Justice (1999), the drama The Hurricane (1999, with Clancy Brown and Harris Yulin), the thriller Across the Line (2000, with Adrienne Barbeau and Marshall Teague), the television comedy Angels in the Infield (2000), the horror sequel Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000, starring Jennifer Morrison), the romantic fantasy film Serendipity (2001), the comedy Shall We Dance (2004), the action comedy The Pacifier (2005), George A. Romero's horror remake Land of the Dead (2005, with Robert Joy and Simon Pegg), the thriller Four Brother (2005, with Fionnula Flanagan), the action film 16 Blocks (2006), and the horror film Skinwalkers (2006).

Television roles include a recurring role in Monk (2002), a starring role in The Enforcers (2001, with Rife Sibley), and guest roles in Twice in a Lifetime (1999), Relic Hunter (2000), Soul Food (2002), 1-800-Missing (2004, with Justin Louis), Totally Spies (2004), and Corner Gas (2006).

More recently he appeared in the Mayday episode "Who's at the Controls?" (2008) and portrayed Coach Ripp in the comedy Finn on the Fly (2008).

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