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David Zappone is a film producer in Hollywood, California who helped produce several Star Trek-related documentaries with William Shatner, including William Shatner's Get A Life!, The Captains, Gonzo Ballet, and Chaos on the Bridge. He also produced For the Love of Spock with Adam Nimoy and the much-loved What We Left Behind with Ira Steven Behr.

Gonzo Ballet is a documentary created and directed by Shatner which follows the story of the Milwaukee Ballet's show based on Shatner's album with Ben Folds. [1]

Zappone, whose production studio is named 455 Films, is currently finishing up a new documentary which focuses on Star Trek: Voyager. Zappone began work on this film in early 2020 (before the COVID-19 pandemic struck) on the final Star Trek cruise of the year. Zappone said that he was able to get the majority of the interviews and filming completed aboard the ship, where he had access to the primary cast. [2]

The name of the upcoming Voyager documentary was revealed to be A Long Way Home: the Star Trek Voyager Documentary and a new crowdsourcing campaign will kick off in March of 2021 to cover some of the costs of production. [3]

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