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Dawn Alison Roddenberry Compton (born 31 August 1953; age 66) is the daughter of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. She played a dirty-faced girl in a flowered dress in the Star Trek: The Original Series first season episode "Miri", but received no credit for her appearance.

Young Dawn, with her older sister Darleen, shot her scenes from 25 August through 26 August, with an additional day on 29 August 1966, under the supervision of a social worker. (These Are the Voyages: TOS Season One, 2013, p. 258)

Life outside Star TrekEdit

Dawn Roddenberry was born Dawn Alison Roddenberry in Santa Monica, California [1] during her father's first marriage with Eileen Anita Rexroat. Her older sister Darleen passed away in 1995. She has a half-brother from her father's second marriage with Majel Barrett, Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry, Jr. In 1977, she married Richard (Meilicke) Compton, and was married to him until his death in 1994. Richard Compton was also survived by his five children, Norman Eugene Stevens, Linda Joyce Meilicke, Carolyn Stevens Nelson, Richie Stevens Grant, and Richard H. Compton (Stevens). All his children except for Linda were adopted by their mother's second husband, George W. Stevens, brother of Ted Stevens, Senator of Alaska.

Alongside TOS star James Doohan and TOS guest star William Campbell, she was a nameless girl in the 1971 erotic B-movie Pretty Maids all in a Row, also written by her father. Nichelle Nichols' son Kyle Johnson also appeared in that movie.

In the 1980s Roddenberry tried her hand at the limousine rental business, and to this end she founded and headed two companies, Limocab Corporation (15 October 1986 [2]) and Limousines International Incorporated (22 February 1988 [3]), both operating out of Marina del Rey, California, but both also out of business for quite some time now, apparently.

Roddenberry made news in June 1996 for attempting to sue her stepmother, Majel Barrett, for mismanaging her father's affairs in his ailing days, but withdrew the suit the day before it was set to go to court, as she was stand to lose any and all inheritance as specifically stipulated in her father's will in case of contesting. [4]

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