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Dawn Stern (born 1966) is an actress who played Latia disguised as a female Risian in the Star Trek: Enterprise first season episode "Two Days and Two Nights". Although Stern had dialogue in this episode, she received no screen credit for her performance.

Stern studied research biology at the Southern Illinois University before she decided to work in front of the camera. She made first experiences as a model and in several stage plays before she got the leading role of Allie Farrow in the action series Viper (1996-1997, alongside regular J. Downing). Stern also had lead roles in the television series 413 Hope St. (1997-1998), The Young and the Restless (2003-2004), and the science fiction series Starhunter (2003-2004).

She appeared on such television shows as The Sentinel (1997), Ally McBeal (1998), Diagnosis Murder (1998, with Matthew Kaminsky and Daniel Riordan), Beverly Hills, 90210 (1999, with David Gautreaux and Cari Shayne), Profiler (1999, with Brian McNamara and Nikita Ager), Crusade (1999, starring Daniel Dae Kim, Marjean Holden, and Gary Graham, and directed by Mike Vejar), Any Day Now (2002, with Dion Anderson, Renee Goldsberry, Olivia Hack, and Tim Russ), and She Spies (2002, with John Rubinstein and Jeff Wolfe).

Film work includes the television drama Nobody (2007, with Lauro Chartrand) and the drama Galore (2007).

More recent television guest roles include episodes of Las Vegas (2007), Eleventh Hour (2008, with Scott Lawrence), NCIS: Los Angeles (2009), and True Blood (2012, with Kristin Bauer van Straten and Conor O'Farrell).

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