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[[Image:Dawn Velazquez.jpg|thumb|Picture of Dawn Velazquez in the personal file of Lieutenant Dawn Velazquez]]
|name = Dawn Velazquez
'''Dawn Velazquez''' was a producer of ''[[Star Trek: Voyager]]'' and ''[[Star Trek: Enterprise]]''. She also was part of the crew of {{film|7}}.
|image = Dawn Velazquez.jpg
|caption = Picture of Dawn Velazquez in the personal file of Lieutenant Dawn Velazquez
|birth name = Dawn Hernandez Velazquez
|gender = Female
|birthday =
|birthplace =
|deathday =
|deathplace =
|roles = [[:Category:Film editors|Post-production coordinator]]; [[:Category:Producers|Producer]]; [[:Category:Performers|Performer]]
|characters = [[Lieutenant]] {{dis|Dawn Velazquez|Lieutenant}}
'''Dawn Hernandez Velazquez''' worked as post-production coordinator on the [[TNG Season 6|sixth]] and [[TNG Season 7|seventh season]] of {{s|TNG}}, the [[DS9 Season 1|first]] and [[DS9 Season 2|second season]] of {{s|DS9}}, and the [[VOY Season 1|first season]] of {{s|VOY}}. Hernandez Velazquez then served as associate producer for the [[VOY Season 3|third]] and [[VOY Season 4|fourth season]] of ''Voyager'' and as co-producer for the last three seasons of ''Voyager''. With the beginning of {{s|ENT}} she was a producer throughout the four year run of the show.
[[Lieutenant]] [[Dawn Velazquez (Lieutenant)|Dawn Velazquez]], an officer aboard the {{USS|Pegasus}} shown in {{ENT|These Are the Voyages...}} was named after Velazquez.
In addition, she was the assistant for [[Peter Lauritson]] during the production of {{film|7}}, the character [[D. Velazquez]] in ''Enterprise'' was named after her, and she can be seen on a computer file, portraying [[Lieutenant]] [[Dawn Velazquez (Lieutenant)|Dawn Velazquez]], an officer aboard the {{USS|Pegasus}}, in the final episode of ''Enterprise'', {{e|These Are the Voyages...}}. During her early work on ''Star Trek'' she was credited as '''Dawn Hernandez'''.
==External link==
Hernandez Velazquez received thanks for her contribution to the television special ''[[Journey's End: The Saga of Star Trek: The Next Generation]]'' in 1994 and worked more recently as producer for the television science fiction thriller ''Virtuality'' (2009), written and produced by former ''Trek'' alumni [[Michael Taylor]] and [[Ronald D. Moore]], produced by [[Steve Oster]] and [[Maril Davis]], edited by [[Michael O'Halloran]], and along with concept illustrator [[John Eaves]], digital effects supervisor [[Doug Drexler]], visual effects supervisor [[Gary Hutzel]], visual effects senior coordinator [[David Takemura]], and digital artist [[Pierre Drolet]].
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== ''Star Trek'' credits ==
<div class="appear">
* {{TNG}}
** [[TNG Season 6|Season 6]] &ndash; Post Production Coordinator (26 episodes, credited as Dawn Hernandez)
** [[TNG Season 7|Season 7]] &ndash; Post Production Coordinator (26 episodes)
* {{DS9}}
** [[DS9 Season 2|Season 2]] &ndash; Post Production Coordinator (24 episodes)
* {{VOY}}
** [[VOY Season 1|Season 1]] &ndash; Post Production Supervisor (20 episodes)
** [[VOY Season 2|Season 2]] &ndash; Post Production Supervisor (26 episodes)
** {{e|Future's End, Part II}} &ndash; Post Production Supervisor
** [[VOY Season 3|Season 3]] &ndash; Co-Producer (22 episodes)
** [[VOY Season 4|Season 4]] &ndash; Co-Producer (26 episodes)
** [[VOY Season 5|Season 5]] &ndash; Co-Producer (26 episodes)
** [[VOY Season 6|Season 6]] &ndash; Co-Producer (26 episodes)
** [[VOY Season 7|Season 7]] &ndash; Co-Producer (26 episodes)
* {{ENT}} &ndash; Producer
** [[ENT Season 1|Season 1]] &ndash; Producer (26 episodes)
** [[ENT Season 2|Season 2]] &ndash; Producer (26 episodes)
** [[ENT Season 3|Season 3]] &ndash; Producer (24 episodes)
** [[ENT Season 4|Season 4]] &ndash; Producer (22 episodes)
== External links ==
* {{imdb|name/nm0892377|Dawn Velazquez|external}}
* {{imdb|name/nm0379552|Dawn Hernandez|external}}
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[[es:Dawn Velazquez]]
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