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Day of the Vipers is a Pocket DS9 novel – the first novel in the Star Trek: Terok Nor trilogy – written by James Swallow. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in March 2008.

The novel details the beginning of the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, covering the years 2318-2328.


From the book jacket
A seemingly benign visitation to the bountiful world of Bajor from the resource-poor Cardassian Union is viewed with cautious optimism by some, trepidation by others, and a calculating gleam by unscrupulous opportunists. What begins as a gesture of compassion soon becomes something very different. Seen through the eyes of participants on both sides – including those of a young officer named Skrain Dukat – the personal, political, and religious tensions between the Bajorans and the Cardassians quickly spiral out of control, irrevocably shaping the futures of both worlds in an emotionally charged and unforgettable tale of treachery, tragedy, and hope.

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Background information

  • This is the first Star Trek novel by author James Swallow; he had previously pitched story ideas to the Star Trek television series and contributed short stories to the Distant Shores and The Sky's the Limit anthologies. Swallow commented: "I’ve always liked the Bajorans, and the Cardassians too have a very interesting dynamic to them. The idea of two cultures in conflict and the drama that creates is very compelling to me. It’s something we see in the real world every day, and in science fiction you can run with those themes, and explore them in interesting ways". Swallow added: "The Oralian stuff grew from Andrew Robinson’s writing, most notably his excellent novel A Stitch in Time, which I consider to be one of the best bits of Trek fiction ever. I tried to build on that to create something that both felt real, and could also be seen as a faith that shared parallels with the Bajoran worship of the Prophets. That connection is a key factor in the storyline of Day of the Vipers, and writing about it also gave me the opportunity to talk about a facet of Cardassian life that’s pretty much non-existent in the TV series". [1]
  • A preview of this novel was included in Star Trek Magazine issue 137, which celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • Korto, a region on Bajor where much of this novel is set, is listed on the title page as the location of one of Pocket Books' offices.
  • This is one of the few novels not to feature any starring characters from any Star Trek series.
  • Cover art by John Picacio, design by Alan Dingman.


The following character lists are based on the novel's appendices.


  • Arin – priest and aide to Kai Meressa
  • Coldri Senn – militia officer
  • Cotor – Vedek at Kenda Monastery
  • Darrah Bajin – son of Darrah Mace and Darra Karys
  • Darrah Karys – wife of Darrah Mace
  • Darrah Mace – officer of Korto City Watch
  • Darrah Nell – youngest child of Darrah Mace and Darrah Karys
  • Els Renora – public defender
  • Gar Osen – priest
  • Jarel – artist, cousin of Darrah Karys
  • Jaro Essa, militia officer
  • Jas Holza, member of Chamber of Ministers
  • Jekko Tybe – adjutant to Minister Keeve Falor
  • Kalem Apren – member of Chamber of Ministers
  • Keeve Falor, member of Chamber of Ministers
  • Kored – militia officer
  • Kubus Oak, member of Chamber of Ministers
  • Lale UsborFirst Minister of Bajor until 2328, succeeds Verin Kolek
  • Li Tarka – militia officer; father of Li Nalas
  • Lirro – duty technician aboard Cemba Station
  • Lonnic Tomo – senior adjutant to Minister Jas Holza
  • MeressaKai of Bajor
  • Myda – officer of Korto City Watch
  • Proka Migdal, militia officer
  • Rifin – captain of scoutship Eleda
  • Syjin – freelance pilot and courier; friend of Darrah Mace
  • Tima – young female priest
  • Verin Kolek – First Minister of Bajor in 2318
  • Wule – dock chief at Korto's starport


  • Athra Dukat – wife of Skrain Dukat
  • Procal Dukat – father of Skrain Dukat; Archon in Cardassian military justice system
  • Skrain Dukat, military officer serving under Danig Kell during formal first contact with Bajor
  • Hadlo – senior priest of the Oralian Way
  • Hekit – military officer
  • Ico Rhan – agent of the Obsidian Order
  • Danig Kell, military officer; commander of Cardassian starship that first makes contact with Bajor; later promoted to jagul and placed in charge of Bajoran affairs by Central Command
  • Pasir Letin – agent of the Obsidian Order
  • Matrik – military officer
  • Orloc – military officer
  • Kotan Pa'Dar, Cardassian scientist
  • Seren – follower of the Oralian way
  • Tunol – Dukat's second-in-command
  • Urad – follower of the Oralian way



  • ForoeXepolite freighter captain
  • GrekFerengi trader; associate of Syjin


Bajor; Cardassia; D'jarra; Kornaire; pagh

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