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As we approached the hospital, the song "For Once in My Life" came on the radio, hauntingly rendered by Robert Goulet. I was living every word of it, silently, very near tears, thinking about how caring for De these past weeks had been my opportunity to pay him back for all the times he had been there for me. The lyrics hit me hard. I had no idea they were affecting De as well. As I was steering the Lexus to the hospital entrance and braking to a stop, the final line ("I have someone who needs me") rang out.
De reached over, patted my hand sincerely and said, "I need you, dear girl." Tears flooded my eyes and I cried out, "Oh, God, De!" I exited the door, went to the trunk, lifted the wheelchair out, unfolded it and then pushed it to his side of the car. As I lifted De out of the car, I sniffled, "You have perfect timing, Mr. Kelley!" We were both in tears. He said, "You're terrific," and I said, "You're pretty terrific yourself, you know!" We wept all the way to Carolyn's room.
Just before leaving the hospital I whispered into De's room as he slept, "Goodnight, sweet prince." It made me cry, but it seemed a good way to ask the angels to keep a close eye on him.

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  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments

Part One

  • Discovering DeForest Kelley 1968-1993
  • The Adventure Continues....
  • Happy Birthday to Me
  • Humor – A Difficult Concept
  • Star "Wars" – 1988
  • The Movie
  • Hopes and Dreams
  • The Move
  • Paramount Problemo
  • Walk of Fame Games
  • House Hunting – Kelley Style
  • The Kelleys Meet Deaken
  • Seattle Convention – 1990
  • Oktobertrek Shenanigans
  • More House-Hunting – Kelley Style
  • Michael Landon's Battle With Cancer
  • Security Guards and Mistaken Notions
  • So Close... And Yet So Far...
  • Surprising Sue
  • Father's Day
  • Visit to the Set of Star Trek VI
  • Capturing a Half-Century of Love on Film
  • Star Trek Ceremonies – 1991
  • Star Ceremony Reception at Paramount
  • Steady Work at Last!
  • Thanksgiving 1992
  • Creation Convention Pasadena California 4/4/93
  • Visits and Calls and Such, Oh My!
  • TV Guide Antics
  • Surprise Trip to Valley Forge
  • Valley Forge

Part Two: 1994-1998

  • Northridge Earthquake 1994
  • Typewriters and Computers and Software Oh My!
  • Transportation Travails and Transitions
  • Medical Maladies Multiply
  • Deaken's Final Days – The Kelleys' Helping Ways
  • Valentine's Day 1997
  • "A Communion of Sorts"
  • Carolyn Breaks Her Leg
  • De Devotes Time to Our Troubles

Part Three: 1999

  • Being There: Days of Devotion
  • The Only Things Certain Are Death... and Taxes
  • Epilogue
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