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Dean Gates is a makeup artist who worked on Star Trek Generations and for seven years on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

On 7 October 1994, during production of the episode "Defiant", Rene Auberjonois was scheduled to film a special effects scene only, his morphing scene for the episode "The Abandoned", scene 20. Together with Gates, hair stylist Norma Lee, and costumer Jerry Bono, he was picked up by a car at 12:30 pm and transported into the valley to Image G North to film this scene in front of a green screen.

This work earned him an Emmy Award nomination in 1994 for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Makeup for a Series for the episode "Rules of Acquisition", shared with Michael Westmore, Camille Calvet, Karen Westerfield, Dean Jones, Tina Hoffman, David Quashnick, Mike Smithson, Hank Edds, Michael Key, and Gilbert A. Mosko. The following year he won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Makeup for a Series for the episode "Distant Voices", shared with Michael Westmore, Camille Calvet, Dean Jones, Karen Iverson, Scott Wheeler, Michael Key, David Quashnick, Karen Westerfield, Gilbert A. Mosko, and Thomas E. Surprenant.

Prior to his work on Star Trek, Gates worked as special effects makeup artist/supervisor on projects such as the horror film Eyes of a Stranger (1981), George A. Romero's horror film Day of the Dead (1985), the horror film Nightmare Weekend (1986), the action thriller Maximum Overdrive (1986), David Lynch's drama Blue Velvet (1986, with Dean Jones), the horror film Dracula's Widow (1988, with June Westmore), the science fiction film The Return of Swamp Thing (1989), the comedy Look Who's Talking (1989, with Todd McIntosh), the horror comedy Transylvania Twist (1989, with Dean Jones, Cristina Patterson Ceret, and Starr Jones), the television series She-Wolf of London (1990-1991), the horror comedy Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992, with Thomas E. Surprenant), the fantasy film Super Mario Bros. (1993, with R. Christopher Biggs, Rob Burman, Roxy D'Alonzo, Vincent J. Guastini, Katherine Rees, Adam Brandy, and Jake Garber), Steven Spielberg's blockbuster Jurassic Park (1993), the science fiction comedy Coneheads (1993), the horror comedy Addams Family Values (1993), and the horror sequel Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead (1994).

Beside his work as makeup designer on the 2004 horror short film Moondance, Gates made his directorial debut with the 2000 horror film Oliver Twisted.

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