Death camps were facilities in which enemies of a state were executed. Planets solely dedicated to this purpose were also known death planets.

Klingon propaganda in the 23rd century claimed that the United Federation of Planets committed atrocities against its prisoners, placing them in death camps and torturing them for their scientific and military secrets. When beamed aboard the USS Enterprise in 2268, Mara reminded her husband Kang of these claims. Captain James T. Kirk remarked that she had much to learn about the Federation.

During the same incident, Leonard McCoy's own paranoia left him to believe that Klingons treated their prisoners to their to atrocities as slave labor, death planets, experiments. (TOS: "Day of the Dove")

In 2375, The Doctor sarcastically commented that a paper Crell Moset intended to write should contain a footnote as to where had honed his surgical skills which read, "For further details, see Cardassian death camps." (VOY: "Nothing Human")

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