Debin was a male humanoid from the planet Atlec in the 24th century. He was the chief representative in the mid-2360s. He had one daughter, Yanar.

Debin and his family engaged in a long-standing feud with Kushell and his family, lasting for years.

In 2365, he learned that his daughter was pregnant. He believed Thadiun Okona was the father, which he considered as a dishonor to himself and Yanar. He took a ship and went to apprehend him, finding him boarded on the USS Enterprise-D after his ship became disabled. Debin demanded that Okona be handed over to him. It turned out that Kushell was also chasing him and tracked him to the Enterprise-D as well, believing that he had stolen from him. Debin learned that it was Kushell's son Benzan who impregnated Yanar, and Okona was a go-between for the two young lovers. Despite the feud, he accepted it. (TNG: "The Outrageous Okona")

Debin was played by actor Douglas Rowe.
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