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Decipher, Inc. is a company which designs and manufactures role-playing games and specializes in collectible card games.

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In 1994, Decipher was granted license to create the first Star Trek collectible card game, which has been released in several editions since then.

Decipher was given the license for creating a standard role-playing game for the Star Trek franchise in 2001 (following the end of previous Trek RPG efforts from Heritage Models, FASA, and Last Unicorn Games). Not long after, Decipher acquired FANtastic Media and the Official Star Trek Fan Club.

In 2003, Decipher shut down its RPG division, and all upcoming Star Trek books were canceled.

Decipher arranged a deal with online eBook retailer in 2005 which became its exclusive partner. To date, two of the unpublished Star Trek RPG books have since been published as PDF-format eBooks.

The release of the What You Leave Behind expansion saw the end of Star Trek cards from Decipher which turned its focus onto a CCG game called Fight Klub.

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