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Deep C-Zar (right) with Satine in a deleted scene

Deep C-Zar (or Deep Czar [1]) was an alien character which appeared in a deleted scene from the alternate reality film Star Trek Beyond. In the scene, Deep C-Zar can be viewed in the background, meeting with Satine in a terminal at Starbase Yorktown.

The makeup for the character of Deep C-Zar was sculpted and painted in Vancouver, by Don Lanning and Daemon Cadman respectively. [2] [3] The alien was a hybrid makeup which resulted from two sculpts coming together. (Information from Dae Cadman) Cadman recalled, "I had 2 shop days to complete that massive cowl, 2 faces and a set of arms (Holland Miller jumped in to do the arms for me) before it was shipped from Vancouver [....] The boss, Joel Harlow, gave me freedom and trust (quietly passing by my paint area to make sure I wasn't screwing anything up) to paint what I wanted." [4] In Dubai, Lenny MacDonald applied the makeup to the performer. [5] [6]

As a result of the extraordinary amount of freedom that Joel Harlow afforded her in painting Deep C-Zar, Dae Cadman was extremely proud of how the alien's appearance turned out, with the character's back being her favorite part. [7] [8] She remarked about the alien, "It's one of my favourite things I have ever painted [....] Wasn't too fond over how dark it ended up being upon application. Still loved it. The back was amazing." As such, Cadman was disappointed that Deep C-Zar didn't end up being in the film. (Information from Dae Cadman)

A two-page spread featuring Deep C-Zar was published in Prosthetics magazine (issue 5, p. 8-9). Overjoyed with the image, Dae Cadman explained, "I never thought I would see this little guy all put together and photographed so beautifully. I only had some shop photos which weren't too good." [9]

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