Dekendi III was the inhabited third planet in its star system. This was the homeworld of the Dekendis, a warp-capable humanoid species.

In 2152, Dekendi III hosted the annual Interspecies Medical Exchange Conference. Among the more honored guests were the Vulcan delegation, including Doctors Oratt, Strom and Yuris. Also in attendance, from the Denobulan delegation, was Feezal, one of Dr. Phlox's wives.

The conference was held in a large complex with an open ceiling. In front of the convention complex were several statues, decorative streams, and two rails of the planet-wide magnetic trains. Inside, multiple levels with banners could be seen, along with hundreds of doctors from many worlds. A particular suite in the facility served as a medical area that was used, during the conference, by a Vulcan contingent which also made use of a Vulcan conference room on the planet.

While Enterprise was in the area, the ship's crew decided to attend the conference. The ship's visit to the planet also turned out to be a good time to pick up information on Pa'nar Syndrome, from which T'Pol was secretly suffering. (ENT: "Stigma")

Shortly before Travis Mayweather visited the ECS Horizon in January 2153, Charles Tucker III handed him a PADD which included a picture of the conference facility on Dekendi III. (ENT: "Horizon")

In the final draft script of "Stigma", the view of Dekendi III from orbit wasn't described, though views of the planet's surface were. An overview of Dekendi III's conference facility was simply described as "A large structure in the middle of an alien city." The facility was furthermore scripted to have a "cavernous, high-tech interior." The script additionally detailed the Vulcan medical suite as "A dimly-lit central chamber with doorways leading off to other (off-camera) rooms. Vulcan symbols and tapestries adorn the walls. A small, brightly-lit laboratory can be seen through a glass partition." The script also specified that the same set was to serve as both the medical suite and, redressed, the Vulcan conference room. [1]
A deleted scene from "Stigma" was set in the atmosphere of this planet, while Shuttlepod 1 flew through it. A line of dialogue in that scene had T'Pol tell Archer that a landing port was located about a kilometer south of where she was due to meet with Dr. Yuris. (ENT Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray special features)

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