Delphic Expanse sphere map

A map of the spheres

Delphic Expanse spheres.

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Rendezvous sphere Edit

Degra defends Enterprise from Reptilians

Degra defending Enterprise

Enterprise rendezvoused with Degra's ship behind the cloaking barrier of a sphere so that Captain Archer could show Degra and Jannar evidence of the Guardians' duplicity. It was not far from the Azati Prime system and about a dozen light years from the Xindi Council planet. (ENT: "The Forgotten")

Xindi Council planet sphere Edit

Delphic Expanse sphere and shuttlepod

The sphere approached by a shuttlepod

A sphere just outside the solar system containing the Xindi Council planet. An Enterprise team went inside it to steal its redundant memory core. Corporal F. Hawkins was vaporized on the mission. (ENT: "The Council")

Attack sphere Edit

Sphere transformation

A sphere being used to attack

The Sphere-Builders used a sphere to generate anomalies to protect the Xindi weapon from an attack by the Arboreals, Primates, and Aquatics. (ENT: "Countdown")