Delta Theta III aborigines were an intelligent Saurian species native to the planet Delta Theta III who were, during the late-23rd century, classified as belonging in a late primitive state. They possessed a basic language and social structure, as well as well developed mores and traditions. Their society included small villages of grass or thatch huts, and their technology included weaponry such as stone axes and spears.

In 2270, the USS Enterprise was sent to Delta Theta III to investigate and confirm the existence of these aborigines. This was to be accomplished by setting up a series of monitoring devices, as the planet was classified as falling under Prime Directive protection.

Unbeknownst to the Enterprise crew, these inhabitants were already being monitored by a god-like entity. The entity referred to the aborigines as "my children", and was later determined to be responsible for guiding the race to intelligence.

Following their capture by the aborigines and subsequent release by the entity, the crew left the planet under quarantine, to allow the planet to continue to evolve without further contamination. (TAS: "Bem")


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