The Delta Vega sector was a region of space. Starbase 237, Delta Vega, and a part of the galactic barrier were located in this sector.

In 2369, Geordi La Forge, when investigating the murder of Lieutenant Keith Rocha, requested a display of the personal records of the lieutenant from the Relay Station 47 computer for stardates 46455 to 46460. One of these records mentioned this sector.

In the log entry, Rocha wrote, "Had to switch the new Starbase 237 lines back to normal feed in the Delta Vega sector. Nothing exciting, but we took the oppurtunity to perform some upgrades in the data compression software. We were running the old version in most of those old units, which shouldn't be a problem since those are low-traffic links, but it's better anyhow." (TNG: "Aquiel", production art)

This sector was only mentioned in writing.
For the remastered episode, the log entry stardate was changed from 46458 to 45458.
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