The Denevan starship was a one-man class J starship operated from Deneva in the mid-23rd century.

In 2267, a Denevan pilot stole one of these vessels and flew it into the Denevan sun at high velocity in the hopes of freeing himself from the influence of flying parasites. While he achieved his goal, he died seconds later when his vessel burned up. (TOS: "Operation -- Annihilate!")

In the original version of the episode, no ship was visible, but emphatically referred to, on USS Enterprise's viewscreen, supposedly obscured by the intense glare of the Denevan sun. Yet, when the 2008 remastered version of the episode came along, Visual Effects Producer Michael Okuda made use of the opportunity to retcon a CGI ship into the visuals, but took care to have it only featured at a great distance and barely discernible as not to deviate too much from the "feel" of the original version. For further information on the model, see class J starship studio model

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