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The Denobula Triaxa system, or, more simply, Denobula, was an inhabited planetary system in the Alpha Quadrant.

The inhabited planet Denobula, the homeworld of the warp-capable humanoid Denobulans, was located in this system. In 2151, while recording answers to letters from Miss Malvin's fourth grade class, Phlox introduced himself as hailing from this system. (ENT: "Breaking the Ice")

In 2259, the location of this system was labeled on a stellar cartography chart that was seen on the USS Enterprise's ready room viewscreen. This system's symbol had a blue color, indicating that it was affiliated with the United Federation of Planets. (SNW: "Strange New Worlds", "Spock Amok", "A Quality of Mercy")

The system's location was labeled in a Federation star chart that was in Fleet Admiral Kirsten Clancy's office at Starfleet Headquarters in 2399 and on the bridge of the USS Titan-A in 2401. The Denobula Triaxa system was in or near to space claimed by the Romulan Free State. (PIC: "Maps and Legends", "The Next Generation", "Disengage")

In 2401, this system's position was labeled on a star chart used by Captain William T. Riker during his attempt at finding the last known location of the SS Eleos XII. (PIC: "The Next Generation")

In 3190, the location of Denobula was labeled on a star chart used by Commander Paul Stamets for tracking the movement of the Dark Matter Anomaly through the galaxy. (DIS: "The Examples")


Background information[]

As evidenced by an early draft of the series bible for Star Trek: Enterprise, the point of origin for the ultimately Denobulan Phlox was originally to have been "a system called Noor". [1]

According to Star Trek: Star Charts (pp. 36 & 44) and Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library ("Federation Historical Highlights, 2161-2385"), the Denobula Triaxa (Iota Boötis) system was located in the Alpha Quadrant. This was a trinary star system with one G-class star and two F-class stars. In the 22nd century, the Denobula Triaxa system was a destination on the Denobulan, Earth, and Vulcan trade routes. This system traded with Sol (Earth), Fellebia, Neethia, Pree', Pyrithia, and Vulcan (40 Eridani A). In the late 24th century, this was a Federation system.

According to, this system contained only one planet. [2](X)

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