Denobulan script

Denobulan script

Denobulan was the language spoken by the Denobulans of Denobula.

Doctor Phlox told Feezal that Hoshi Sato was like a "language wizard", and Sato and Feezal had a brief conversation in Denobulan. (ENT: "Stigma")

While Dr. Phlox tried to capture his Pyrithian bat, he was swearing in Denobulan. (ENT: "A Night in Sickbay")

In 2153, Charles "Trip" Tucker and Malcolm Reed discovered a carrying case which had Denobulan writing on it. Tucker recalled having seen similar characters in Phlox's medical books. (ENT: "The Breach")

In 2154, while jogging through the halls of the Enterprise, Dr. Phlox was singing in Denobulan to himself (and Porthos). (ENT: "Doctor's Orders")

Examples of spoken Denobulan Edit

Song Edit

"Ya-krip mai kaam/ arum re ta/ oo-chi ban galuu/ ma-reet suut-val/ suut-val, suut-val/ ma-reet suut-val!"

- Phlox, singing to himself while jogging through the corridors of Enterprise (ENT: "Doctor's Orders")

In the final draft script of "Doctor's Orders", this Denobulan song (referred to as "a hearty Denobulan tune") was written with more lyrics than Phlox sings in the episode itself. The additional words were to be sung after those which can be heard in the installment. The song continued, "Jim-far e'sah/ berat se khat/ jaa-doos rah'ti/ kah-zem'i tahk, kah-zem'i tahk/ suut-val, suut-val!"

Profanity Edit

Taa ke mai loo! BAK! See rem tahlaa! Treyst Berat kara tok ah see!

- Phlox swearing while trying to capture his Pyrithian bat (ENT: "A Night in Sickbay")

Phlox and Hoshi SatoEdit

Mai kaam?

How are your patients?
In the script for "Dear Doctor", this phrase is written, "Ya-krip mai kaam?" However, only the last two of those words can be heard in the final version of the episode.

Pa-kari ti t'em pra sah. Deet arum ta sarabet.

Their condition is grave. But they're resting for now.

Ree-ta ah l'kem far ah-bool.

I'm sure you'll find a way to help them.
This phrase was actually scripted to mean "I'm sure you'll do your best," though this was evidently altered.

Fahr dee'ka em toona mek. Prah-vit.

Your syntax is improving. Continue.

Daam naav sa-ku?

Do you like the food?

U-raan ti n'got daam. Kar suut-val...

The sauce is good... but I don't care for this vegetable...
The second part of this phrase was scripted to mean "I don't care for this fruit," though the meaning of the last word was clearly changed.

Eggplant N'dah taa-huru. Mai ach chi ban-galuu.

Eggplant's not a vegetable, it's a nostril.
In the final draft script of "Dear Doctor", this phrase instead denies eggplant is a fruit, rather than a vegetable.

(In English, Phlox says, "It's a nostril?")


A fruit.
As evidenced by the final draft script of "Dear Doctor", this was originally intended to mean "A vegetable."

(In English, Hoshi says, "I've noticed you and Crewman Cutler spending a lot of time together. Is there something going on between you two?")

(In English, Phlox says, "In Denobulan, please.")

Mai phuul... jaa-uu-gah?

Are you two... mating?

(In English, Phlox says, "I believe the word you're searching for is 'dating.'")

Mai phuul jaa-duus-rah?

Are you dating?

(In English, Hoshi says, "Well, are you?")

Prah gundai-sah?

Well, are you?

Deet re-saah. Ti poolem kee.

I'm not exactly sure.

(In English, Hoshi says, "There are ways you can tell.")

In the final draft script for "Dear Doctor", Hoshi then goes to ask, in Denobulan, "Fora que-sah arum-ta p'trem ar que'sah?" which translates into English as, "Is she interested in what you're interested in?" However, this phrase is not included in the final edit of the installment.

Duhfku t'raht velar ah t'yem esa wor? Ootet a'rem berat see kara...

Does she want to spend time with you? Does she find excuses to...
In the "Dear Doctor" final-draft script, this pair of questions included the phrase "little excuses," though the word "little" evidently was ultimately omitted.

(In English, Hoshi continues, " make physical contact?")

(In English, Phlox says, "Well, she did kiss me on the cheek the other night.")

(In English, Hoshi responds, "In Denobulan, Doctor.")

E'tem ur jim-far?

Do you have any advice?

Y'sah ree far akall... m'jem prah-tyree.

I think you make a very cute... washboard.

- Hoshi speaking to Phlox in Denobulan, about his potential relationship (ENT: "Dear Doctor")

Hibernation utterance Edit

Do'sani! Do'sani, yo-to aruda!


- Phlox, upon being prematurely woken from hibernation (ENT: "Two Days and Two Nights")

Feezal and Hoshi Edit

Denobulan Fahrda noov toona mek Phlox.

Doctor Phlox has been teaching me Denobulan.

For-que-sah esa.

I'm impressed.

Dee-ka em suut-val mai prah-vit.

I'm still having trouble with the transitive verbs.

- Hoshi, speaking to Feezal about her learning to speak Denobulan (ENT: "Stigma")

Background information Edit

The Denobulan language features in a deleted scene from ENT: "Minefield", in which Phlox advises Hoshi Sato that, although she meanwhile has some minor wounds, they should continue their Denobulan lessons. In the final draft script of "Minefield", it was repeatedly indicated that concentrating on Sato's learning of Denobulan was one way Phlox tacitly tried to motivate Sato into thinking about other things than her injuries. Denobulan vocabulary established during the scene includes the following:

Y'sah mai-kaam.

The thyroid gland.

Y'sah dee-katta.

The hypothalamus.

Y'sah duhfku.

This could be mistaken for the "big toe".

Y'sah kut'du'thaal.

The xiphoid process.

There was also a Denobulan word (though not used on screen) for the "pericardium". Phlox estimated that this was "simpler" to remember than the Denobulan statement meaning the "xiphoid process". (ENT: "Minefield" deleted scene)

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