Deputy was a title used by a variety of species, usually denoting a function in security or law enforcement.

On Earth, "deputy" frequently indicated the rank of a law enforcement officer that was subordinate to the role of sheriff. One could be deputized (given the title of deputy temporarily) in moments of crisis. (TNG: "A Fistful of Datas")

Deputy was also the title given to security officers in the Bajoran Militia stationed on Deep Space 9. They were under the command of Constable Odo. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Odo was also empowered to temporarily deputize persons if he deemed it necessary for an investigation, as he did with Quark in 2370 to force his assistance in tracking the movement of weapons to the Alliance for Global Unity. (DS9: "Emissary", "The Circle") When it came to investigations, Quark felt that he could handle any deputies and worried only about Odo. (DS9: "The Sound of Her Voice") Elim Garak volunteered to be deputized after the evacuation of Odo's entire security staff to Bajor in the wake of the Dominion War, if it would make the understaffed chief feel better. Odo found the Cardassian's offer mildly amusing. (DS9: "Call to Arms")

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The term "deputy" was also used as a qualifier for other titles. Various examples include:

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