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Derek Bellman (died 3 September 2003) was a comic book artist specializing in colors and a painter.

He began in the comics industry in the mid-1990s working as a colorist with Malibu Comics on titles such as Ultraverse Premiere, Prototype, and Solitaire. When Malibu was acquired by Marvel Comics, he worked on titles including X-Men, Weapon X, and Wolverine. In the latter half of 1997, he moved on, but continued to work on titles such as Deity and Chassis.

His only Star Trek contribution was color separations for a pinup in "Field Trip" by Malibu.

Bellman was also a musician, playing bass in the band "The Aliens" (aka "The Aliens That Ate Hollywood"), and one of their songs appears on the sixth volume of The Desert Sessions series.

In September 2003, soon after selling a painting, he was beaten to death in his apartment in Los Angeles. [1]

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