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Derek Webster is the actor who played Lieutenant Sanders in the Star Trek: The Next Generation seventh season episode "Gambit, Part I", and Centurion Tarent in the Star Trek: Picard first season episodes "Nepenthe" and "Broken Pieces".

Roland Emmerich

Webster is a member of the acting troupe of German filmmaker Roland Emmerich with Webster first teaming up with Emmerich in 1994's Stargate with fellow Emmerich troupe members Erick Avari and Frank Welker. Joining them were Leon Rippy and Scott Alan Smith. Webster's next project for Emmerich was the 1996 alien invasion hit Independence Day which brought back Avari and Welker, and this time they were joined by Anthony Crivello, Jana Marie Hupp, Tim Kelleher, Carlos LaCamara, Randy Oglesby, Leland Orser, Robert Pine, Raphael Sbarge, Bill Smitrovich, Brent Spiner and Tracey Walter. While the film abbreviated as ID4 was the biggest film of 1996, the next collaboration between Emmerich and Webster did not fair so well at the box office, and that was 1998's Godzilla. Welker also returned and this time they were joined by Clyde Kusatsu, Glenn Morshower and Jamison Yang.

Josh Kirby: Time Warrior! Video Game Series

Webster is known for his voice role as Zoetrope in the franchise which began in 1995 where Webster was joined by Barrie Ingham. The slate was released in chapters. From the beginning Webster and Ingham were adding their words starting with "1: Planet of the Dino-Knights" with Richard Lineback and Time Winters. "2: The Human Pets" brought back Lineback and Winters but now counted John DeMita. "3: Trapped on Toyworld" with J.P. Hubbell, followed by the final game of the year being "4: Eggs from 70 Million B.C.". 1996 saw the release of "5: Journey to the Magic Cavern" with Matt Winston before finally ending their involvement in the franchise with "6: Last Battle for the Universe" which utilized archival footage featuring DeMita, Lineback and Winters.

NCIS Franchise

Webster is among a select group of actors to appear in the entire trifecta of this group of series. His work on the original series began in the first season "Missing" (2004) as Major Joe Sacco with Dayna Devon, next Webster returned in the fourth season "Dead & Unburied" (2006) re-teaming with Matt Winston and also working with Rebecca Wisocky. Webster appeared on the first spinoff in the franchise set in Los Angeles starring Miguel Ferrer in the fifth season "Between the Lines" as ATF Special Agent John Stone. But it only occurred on the New Orleans based portion starring Scott Bakula where Webster played the same character more than once, as FBI Special Agent Raymond Isler beginning in 2016 in the third season in "Aftershocks" with fellow recurring performer Steven Weber as corrupt mayor Douglas Hamilton. That same year Webster was seen in "Suspicious Minds", "Man on Fire", "Course Correction" and "Music to My Ears". For 2017, Webster finished out that season appearing in "Follow the Money", working a second time with Weber in "Let It Ride". Webster completed the year starting in the fourth season "The Asset", "Viral" directed by LeVar Burton, before concluding the year in "Mirror, Mirror" again with Weber. For the fourth season appearances in 2018, Webster was seen in "Identity Crisis", "The Last Mile". Webster was away from the show for a time before returning in 2019 in the fifth season where by this time, Necar Zadegan had joined the cast. Webster made his first run that season in "Reckoning" and the season finale "The River Styx" co-directed by James Whitmore, Jr. and also featuring Joanna Cassidy. Webster's only sixth season turn is "Overlooked".

More Film Work

Immediately prior to Webster's TNG appearance, Webster costarred in the 1993 comedy Short Cuts with Bruce Davison, Robert DoQui and David Spielberg. During Webster's time working for Roland Emmerich, he appeared outside of the Emmerich films with the AIDS drama Sweet Jane(1998) with Gary Bullock and Daniel Roebuck. In 2007, Webster reunited with Avari in Flight of the Living Dead alongside Todd Babcock, Tucker Smallwood, David Spielberg and Brian Thompson. Webster's next role was in 2010's Extraordinary Measures working aside David Clennon, Lily Mariye and Alan Ruck. 2015 brought Webster and Avari back together in Chasing Eagle Rock with Thomas Kopache and Michael Welch.

Television Guest Roles

Preceding Webster's TNG turn, his debut on the small screen was in the short-lived primetime soap Class on '96 in "The Accused" with John Neville. This was followed by Webster guesting on the nautical adventure series SeaQuest 2032 starring Stephanie Beacham and Marco Sanchez in "Whale Song" (1994) with Jonathan Banks and Richard Herd. In 1996, Webster appeared on The Nanny starring Daniel Davis in "Fashion Show", next was another turn on another short-lived series, Party Girl starring Merrin Dungey in "Just Say No". Webster's next guest role and that was in 2000 with a turn on Sports Night in "The Local Weather" with Jayne Brook and Timothy Davis-Reed, next Webster worked on the medical drama ER in "Survival of the Fittest" with Brad Blaisdell, Colby French and Ed Lauter. Webster worked on the Lifetime Network dramas The Division starring Lisa Vidal in "Redemption" with Karen Austin and Jay Harrington and the medical series Strong Medicine in "Zol Zein Gezint" with Gina Hecht. Webster's next work on a network series was again another medical drama, Providence starring Concetta Tomei in "Eye of the Storm" (2002) directed by James Whitmore Jr. with Ellen Bry and Jeffrey Nordling. After this, Webster got work on the 21st Century revival of Hunter starring Mike Gomez in "Untouchable" with Leonard Kelly-Young and Kate Vernon, to be next seen on the spy thriller Threat Matrix in "Doctor Germ" with Jim Fitzpatrick and Marina Sirtis both in 2003. For 2004, Webster landed on Everwood starring the late Stephanie Niznik in "Family Dynamics" with the also deceased Kellie Waymire. Next Webster turned up on NYPD Blue starring Gordon Clapp in "Colonel Knowledge". 2006 found Webster on the FX drams The Shield starring Michael Jace, Jay Karnes and Benito Martinez in "Of Mice & Lem" and Nip/Tuck in "Reefer" with Ivar Brogger. In 2007, Webster got time on Crossing Jordan starring Miguel Ferrer and Jerry O'Connell in "Crash" directed by Roxann Dawson. Webster closed out that year on another short-lived drama, ABC's The Nine in "You're Being Watched" aside Jamie McShane, Margot Rose and Clay Wilcox. For 2008, Webster worked on another short-lived series, Eli Stone in "Waiting for That Day" with Ethan Phillips and Ray Wise, next was Boston Legal starring Rene Auberjonois, John Larroquette and William Shatner in "The Mighty Rogues" with Bruce French, Daniel Hugh Kelly and Lawrence Pressman. Webster re-teamed on the legal drama Raising the Bar in "Hair Apparent" with Ivar Brogger. Webster followed this in the medical series Grey's Anatomy in "Invest in Love" with Angelo Tiffe, both in 2009. Webster began the next decade ending up on The Mentalist executive produced by Peter Lauritson in 2010's "Pink Chanel Suit" with Cristine Rose and Marc Worden. A year later, Webster ended up on The Closer starring Raymond Cruz in "Necessary Evil". 2012 saw Webster on Castle starring Penny Johnson in "Dial M for Mayor" with Tracy Scoggins. A year after this, Webster reunited with Ray Wise on the short-lived Body of Proof starring Jeri Ryan in "Mob Mentality" with Michael Nouri. Also in 2013, Webster wound up on Longmire in "Natural Order" with Jim Beaver. Webster then appeared on the 21st Century revival of Hawaii Five-0 executive produced by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and starring Daniel Dae Kim in "WaiWai" directed by Maja Vrvilo. That same year, Webster reteamed with Alan Ruck on The Catch in "The Trial" with Amanda Foreman. Webster finished out the year on Chance in "Fluid Management" with Catherine MacNeal.

Recurring Roles

Beyond Webster's long-running turn as Raymond Isler, Webster also enjoyed meaningful work on other shows as well. In 2000, Webster worked on the New York-set Time of Your Life starring Patrick Fabian in "The Time She Made a Temporary Decision", "The Time They Found a Solution" and "The Time They Got Busy". Webster played different characters on JAG starring Scott Lawrence, first as Gunnery Sargent Smith in 2001's "Dog Robber" with Terry O'Quinn and Ned Vaughn, and returned as Captain Stanley Ellis and, by this time, David Andrews and Zoe McLellan had joined the cast. Webster first played Ellis in 2004's "This Just in from Baghdad" with Jeff Austin and James G. MacDonald, and in 2005 reunited with "ID4" costar Randy Oglesby in "Death at the Mosque". Webster recurred as Charlie Pratt on the Hurricane Katrina-themed police drama K-Ville starring John Carroll Lynch, first in the series premiere with Sam Anderson, "No Good Deed" with Daniel Roebuck and Alexandra Lydon, and finally "Flood, Wind & Fire" with Scott Klace and Matt Malloy. Webster was seen as Detective Harris on Desperate Housewives starring Teri Hatcher, Mark Moses, Kevin Rahm, Brenda Strong and Vanessa Williams in "Assassins" and "I'm Still Here" with Emily Bergl both in 2011, and finally 2012's "You Take for Granted". The next project for Webster was as Nicholas on the post-apocalyptic Revolution executive produced by J.J. Abrams and starring Billy Burke in "No Quarter" in 2012 and remaining appearances in 2013 in "The Stand" reuniting Webster and Leland Orser, who returned in "Ghosts" which also featured Glenn Morshower, but only Webster was seen in "The Song Remains the Same". Webster had a turn playing an FBI agent, this time as Ben Parker on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation starring Wallace Langham in the fourteenth and fifteenth seasons respectively in "Under a Cloud" and "Let's Make a Deal in 2013 and 2014. Prior to his role as Agent Parker on the original series, Webster portrayed the murderous plastic surgeon Robert Langley in the seventh season "Bombshell" (2008) with Chad Allen and Jolene Blalock on the Miami set spinoff.


Within the medium of telefilms, Webster has been prolific, with his early works featuring Ed Lauter. Webster was cast in The Return of Ironside with Robin Sachs and 1997's Childhood Sweetheart?(1997) alongside Barbara Babcock, Michael Reilly Burke, Ronny Cox, Stephanie Erb, Leon Russom and Warren Munson. In 2005, Webster joined fellow TNG guest Michelle Phillips in the high school set Kids in America. Three years later, he appeared in 2008's martial arts film Ring of Death with Michael McGrady, and his next telefilm role was in 2010's Edgar Floats with Miguel Ferrer and Cynthia Addai-Robinson.

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