Archer and Mayweather accidentally enter a militarized zone and are detained by an alien race called Tandarans, who are at war with the Suliban. Both men find themselves sharing cells with some Suliban detainees whom they believe are wrongly imprisoned.



Travis Mayweather wakes up in a prison cell, oblivious to how he got there. Lying next to him is Captain Archer, unconscious. Travis goes to his cell door and opens it. In the corridor outside of his cell he sees two Suliban.

Act One

Travis explores the corridors and discovers that all the inmates are Suliban. He returns to find a conscious Archer. The captain asks if Travis knows who attacked their shuttlepod, but he doesn’t know. Trying to learn more about the place, Archer boosts Mayweather up so he can take a look outside. There is a five-metre high wall surrounding the building and possibly a guard tower, though there are no people visible. They proceed to walk the corridors when they meet a lone Suliban who calls them the “new arrivals”. An alarm goes off, prompting all the Suliban to exit their cells and remain still. Guards enter. One Suliban drops a cup and is rewarded with a shock from one of the guards. A Major instructs Archer and Travis to follow him. They are then taken to Colonel Grat, the man in charge of the detention complex. He tells them that the Tandarans are at war with the Suliban Cabal. The shuttlepod Archer and Travis were on had been at the wrong place at the wrong time (near Tandaran military installations) and the Tandarans mistook them for disguised Sulibans. But since their DNA identified them as Human, Grat tells them they should be released shortly. Unfortunately, Grat doesn’t have the authority to release them. They’ll have to appear before a magistrate on Tandar Prime. A transport will be arriving in three days to take them there. In the meantime, they’ll have to wait it out in the complex. Archer wants to contact ‘’Enterprise’’, but that’s also against regulations. However, Grat assures him that he will personally call ‘’Enterprise” to explain the situation. Grat also suggests that they keep to themselves and not become too close to the Sulibans detained with them.


Colonel Grat, who is in charge of Detention Complex 26.

Act Two

Archer, being a "very curious man" as he later says, makes contact with a Suliban named Danik. From him, he learns that not all Suliban are in the cabal and they are only normal civilians. He also learns that the Suliban homeworld had become uninhabitable long ago and they are mostly a nomadic people. The Suliban who have settled in the Tandar sector have been confined to detention camps since the early times of the war between Tandarans and the Cabal.

Act Three

Meanwhile, Enterprise is trying to find what happened to Captain Archer, but Grat won't tell them. He only tells them that the captain is fine and should be released shortly. A little while later, he learns from the Tandaran intelligence that the captain has considerable knowledge about the Cabal and asks Archer to tell him what he knows. Since Archer is unwilling to take sides in their conflict, he is not cooperative. Grat then decides (maybe not on his own initiative) to keep him a little longer to be sure to get the information he wants. He contacts Enterprise to inform them that their crewmates probably won't be freed soon. At that point Enterprise is able to trace the signal back to the prison camp and T'Pol decides to take the matter into her own hands.

Act Four

When they arrive at the complex, Archer decides to stay a little longer to help the other prisoners. His lack of cooperation, along with his friendly attitude towards the Suliban, make Grat a little less friendly. When he discovers a communicator Travis had on him, he openly threatens Enterprise and sends Archer into an isolation cell. Enterprise is however able to transport Malcolm (disguised as a Suliban) into the prison and the three are finally able to return safely to the Enterprise.

Act Five

The Suliban escape, too, and go their own way on ships that were in a nearby hangar. Archer is satisfied to have helped these people, but following his last encounter with Grat, he wonders if these homeless Suliban will stick to their conviction or fall to the attracting cabal as Grat predicted.

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Memorable Quotes

"If you want to explore alien cultures you'll need to learn to respect their laws. If Captain Archer were here, I'm sure he'd agree. If you'd like, I'll contact the Vulcan High Command. They might be willing to send an arbitrator."
"A Vulcan lawyer? They'd be better off getting the electric chair."

- T'Pol and Trip

"I'm willing to compromise, Captain. Just tell me what you know about Silik."
"Well, he's about this tall, a little on the scrawny side, bad teeth."

- Grat and Archer

"Still think we're working with the Tandarans? You know, we could have left this place a long time ago if we hadn't decided to help you."
"I never asked for your help."
"Why? Because we're not Suliban? Because we look a little too much like Tandarans? I'll admit, when I first came here it wasn't easy to see past my preconceptions about the Suliban, but I did. Why can't you?"

- Travis and Sajen

"You had no right to interfere"
"This isn't about my rights, its about theirs"
"They have no rights, they lost them the minute the Cabal began attacking us. Do you know how many people the Cabal have murdered, how many ships they've destroyed, colonies? You just gave them eighty nine new soldiers!"
"What makes you think these people will join the Cabal?"

- Grat and Archer

"You look worse than I do."

- Reed in Suliban disguise to a beaten up Mayweather

"Major, do you have a second? I don't mean to cause any trouble, but I was wondering if it might be possible to get some better food. No offense, but the meals here are pretty awful."
"Eat what you're given."
"I'll try, but I'm not sure I can hold down another bowl of that what do you call it? It tastes like sawdust. Is that what they make you eat? Because if it is, I'd think about going on a hunger strike. I don't know how you –"

- Travis and Klev

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