Detention complex 26

Detention Complex 26

"Does everyone who violates your territory get thrown into a place like this?"

Detention Complex 26 was an internment camp for Suliban living in the Tandar sector, at least many (if not all) of whom were actually innocent. Located on a Tandaran moon, the facility was overseen by Colonel Grat. The complex was defended by pulse cannons and Tandaran patrol ships, and its prisoner facilities included an isolation cell. However, the camp was not protected against transporters.

In 2150, three detainees pried open a security gate and got inside the docking bay, only to be killed before they could reach a vessel, after Grat claimed they had been armed.

Captain Jonathan Archer and Ensign Travis Mayweather were imprisoned here in circa 2152. With the help of Enterprise NX-01, they managed to escape the complex and free the Suliban imprisoned there, of whom there were eighty-nine individuals. Considerable damage was done to the site in the process. (ENT: "Detained")

A note during the first few scenes of the final draft script of "Detained" stated about the internment camp, "From Mayweather's perspective, it could just as well be a colony or even a Helix." Later in the script, the first overview of the facility was described as "A large, featureless building surrounded by a protective wall and a guard tower. Nearby, we can see a hangar that houses (off camera) spacecraft that have been impounded." The script also called for a single set to be used as both a standard prisoner's cell and, redressed, the isolation cell.
Although Detention Complex 26 is established as having a nightly inspection in the episode "Detained", the episode's final draft script referred to the facility as having only one regular inspection, which was at midday, with other inspections carried out at random times "every few weeks."
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