Detria system

Detria II (upper left corner) prior to collision with Detria VI

Detrian star

The new star in the Detrian system

The Detrian system was an unihabitated planetary system. The nearest inhabited planet was Meles II.

In 2369, the USS Enterprise arrived in the system to monitor the collision of Detria II and Detria VI, both gas giants. The starship hoped to witness the birth of a new star as the planets coalesced, but the ship was threatened by this when the sentient holodeck figure James Moriarty took control of the ship. However, Moriarty later gave up control and the Enterprise was able to watch the two planets collide safely, thereby igniting a fusion reaction and creating the new star. (TNG: "Ship in a Bottle")

Presumably the Detrian system can now be considered a binary star system. In current mediums of astronomy, a second star found in a star system might have a "B" notation, meaning the newborn star could very well have been named "Detria B".

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