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Devil's Bargain is a Pocket TOS novel written by Tony Daniel. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in February 2013.


From the book jacket
Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise are sent to evacuate the Omega sector frontier colony Vesbius – a pioneer settlement that is on the brink of an extinction-level event threatening not only all of the colonists, but biological products that are vital to Starfleet. However, rescue efforts are being thwarted by the colonists themselves, who refuse to abandon Vesbius, claiming that their lives depend upon staying, while giving no reason why. It is after these irrational decisions that First Officer Spock makes a radical suggestion: Perhaps an unexpected ally could aid the colony and help complete the mission…

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Background information

  • This is the first Star Trek novel from author Tony Daniel.
  • Cover art by Alan Dingman.

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