Devinoni Ral was born on February 2, 2325 in Brussels, European Alliance, on Earth. He had mostly Human heritage as his mother was half-Betazoid, and he was the only one of five children who was empathic. Ral was never comfortable sensing emotions and left Earth in 2344, moving to Hurkos III. He eventually learned to live with his ability and used it to become a skilled negotiator, often working as a "hired gun".

Upon arriving at Hurkos III, Ral enrolled in the University of Hurkos, Oneamisu Campus. He studied Interstellar Law before switching majors to political science. During his time at the university, he twice received student council chair. Furthermore, he was credited with brokering a cultural exchange program with the Orion University. In the late 2340s, he graduated from this university with a Bachelor of Arts in political sciences.

Upon graduation, Ral accepted position as a staff researcher with the Triplanetary Development Corporation. During his time with the corporation, he was promoted to marketing director. Eventually, he resigned to form his own business venture.

In 2366, Ral represented the Chrysalians during the negotiations for the Barzan wormhole aboard the USS Enterprise-D.

During the negotiations, Ral became involved with Deanna Troi, creating a conflict of interest for the counselor when she realized he was hiding his empathic abilities in order to strengthen his negotiating position. Ral secured the rights to the wormhole through a combination of maneuvers including buying out the Caldonian bid and securing a secret deal with DaiMon Goss of the Ferengi delegation. However, the Chrysalians recalled Ral when the wormhole proved unstable and therefore unsuitable for interstellar transport. Before leaving he asked Troi to go with him, but she declined because of her uncertainty over Ral's conduct. (TNG: "The Price")

Devinoni Ral was played by Matt McCoy.
One of his suits was later worn by actor Neal Kaz in the Star Trek: Voyager fifth season episode "Someone to Watch Over Me" and was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

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