Devna was a female Orion who was trapped in Elysia, whereupon she served as the Interpreter of Laws for the Elysian Council. She was also a skilled dancer, and admitted to missing her home planet.

In 2269, she explained the nature of Elysia to Captain James T. Kirk and Commander Kor when both their ships became trapped there. She also warned them that if any crew members committed a violent act, they would be frozen for centuries. She later questioned Magen as to what she sensed about the actions of the IKS Klothos and USS Enterprise crews, and was told that they were trying to figure out how to leave. When Xerius declared their goal impossible, she assured him that everyone must try to escape before ultimately accepting their fates.

Later, she pleaded with the Romulan to stop the crews from executing their planned escape combining both ships, fearing that they might die in the attempt. He discouraged the idea of stopping them, as it was not against the law to try to leave, and reminded her that if they died, it was their choice.

Later, she danced for everyone in Enterprise's rec room, to Kirk's enjoyment. When she expressed her desire to see Orion again, he offered to take her along. She declined, explaining that at one point everyone on the ship dreamed of leaving, but had since become resigned to not being able to do so and began a new life in Elysia. When Kirk re-affirmed both crews' beliefs that it could be accomplished, she promised she would not try to stop them.

She was present at the council meeting regarding Kaz's attempted shooting of Leonard McCoy, and witnessed the Enterprise and Klothos's successful escape. (TAS: "The Time Trap")

The voice of Devna was provided by Nichelle Nichols. The first draft of the script (dated 26 August 1973) gives her name as Elevia.
Devna is a significant character in the Star Trek: Enterprise - Rise of the Federation series.

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