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Dianna Carmel Faulkner (born 31 August 1972; age 47) is an actress, production designer, and camera operator who appeared as a Suliban prisoner in the Star Trek: Enterprise first season "Detained". She filmed her scenes on Friday 8 February 2002 and Tuesday 12 February 2002 on Paramount Stage 9.

As an actress, Faulkner appeared in the horror thriller Blood Canvas (2011). She was the sound recordist on the comedy Goodnight Cleveland (2008), production assistant on the horror film A Haunting in Salem (2011, with Cole S. McKay), art director on the drama Knuckleheads (2012), set dresser on the action thriller Air Collision (2012, with Darin Cooper and Keith Allan), and art director and production designer on the mystery thriller The Secret Village (2013, with Richard Riehle and her daughter, actress Ali Faulkner).

Further credits as production designer include the action drama This Tunnel South (2011), the short romance Rubber Duckie (2013), the music drama Whittier Boulevard (2015), and the romance Me You and Five Bucks (2015). In addition, Faulkner worked as camera operator on the documentary Good Game (2014), the short comedy Love Handles (2015), and the family movie A Cowgirl's Story (2017, with Alicia Coppola).

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