A Digger

Digger shells

The Digger was a burrowing animal indigenous to the planet Terra Nova.

The Novans used the carapaces of the animal to make clothing and body armor worn over the shoulders and knees. They also used their meat as food and their skulls and bones for different activities such as musical instruments to perform music. They hunted them and disassembled them in a gutting room.

While crawling through a tunnel on Terra Nova in 2151, Captain Jonathan Archer and Lieutenant Malcolm Reed encountered a living Digger that quickly burrowed back into the earth. Later, they discovered the gutting room of the Novans with several carapaces, skulls, and bowls of meat. (ENT: "Terra Nova")

In the script for "Terra Nova", the Digger is described as "a large beetle-shaped alien creature with scaly shell-plating." The call sheet is listing it as "alien bug".

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