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The Dinaali (or the Dinaal) were a humanoid species from the Delta Quadrant.

The Dinaali were virtually identical to Humans in their outward appearance. However, their internal workings show several differences. Dinaali were susceptible to chromovirus.

Up until the mid-24th century, the Dinaali were a dying species plagued with eco-disasters and famine, and a medical service that didn't treat the people it needed to. So the Dinaali government asked the Jye to intervene, a species known for their administrative abilities, and they reorganized the Dinaali medical system.

Dinaal script

In the new system, each citizen received a "T.C." or treatment coefficient from the Allocator, which designated how useful a person was to society.

In 2377, The Doctor was kidnapped by Gar and sold to a Dinaali medical ship. While there, he tried to "re-allocate" some medication so that the amount of medication a person received was based on how badly they needed it, not how "useful to society" they were. (VOY: "Critical Care")



Background information

The development of visual aspects of the Dinaali was explored in "Medical Graphics: Designing with 'Critical Care'" by Anthony Fredrickson, Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 1, Issue 21, pp. 22-27.

The Dinaali script had been developed by Geoffrey Mandel during production of a previous episode. In it's application as the Dinaal language, it "was inspired by crossword puzzles and was designed to be read both horizontally and vertically," with certain visual readouts intended to resemble thermometers.

Medical animations intended to represent Dinaali patients utilized anatomical graphics borrowed from image libraries, including skulls, spines and hearts, which were then "doctored to look alien."