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Dinero is a dog who portrayed Jean-Luc Picard's dog, Number One, in the Star Trek: Picard episode "Remembrance". [1]

Patrick Stewart, an advocate for pit bulls, suggested that Picard should have a dog on the vineyard, and that it should be a pit bull. [2]

Dinero is a rescue dog, with little previous film experience. "Remembrance" director Hanelle M. Culpepper described Dinero as "very green" (that is, inexperienced) and "a challenge sometimes, but super, super sweet." Writer/producer Michael Chabon agreed, saying, "He was the sweetest dog. He was not a great actor." Culpepper noted that Number One was present in more scenes in the original script than in the episode as filmed, saying "we both agreed, let's leave the dog out of this one." (TRR: "Remembrance")

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