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Aided by Seven of Nine and the crew of the USS Titan, Picard makes a shocking discovery that will alter his life forever – and puts him on a collision course with the most cunning enemy he's ever encountered. Meanwhile, Raffi races to track a catastrophic weapon – and collides with a familiar ally.



Two Weeks Ago

The SS Eleos XII makes orbit over Sarnia Prime. At the helm is Jack Crusher, looking somewhat bored as he requests orbital clearance. Suddenly, two vessels from the Fenris Rangers approach. The lead ship opens a channel, warning that the Eleos has violated their airspace en route to a quarantine zone, and demands the Eleos transmit Federation authorization codes or submit to inspection. Jack's answer is that the Eleos has a moral authority to the people on the planet, who are currently suffering from Galarian fever and are "immunoresistant to bureaucracy". "Inspection it is, then," the Ranger leader replies.

Jack emphasizes the Eleos is "a medical vessel, carrying medical supplies, to people who are in medical need". The Ranger leader points out that they were in violation of about 27 medical protocols, as he inspects each crate, which contain steroids, gene re-sequencers, and other supplies to combat the disease. Jack also reminds them that Galarian fever is fatal at the rate of one life per minute, which meant that ten civilians had died during the inspection. The Ranger leader opens a case containing two bottles of Romulan ale, and sarcastically asks if they were also for medical purposes. Jack answers that it can be used as an antiseptic, and an answer to life in general, all of which he was willing to share. When the Ranger leader asks if that was a bribe, Jack assures him it was not, and that he had other items to bribe them with – a crate of phaser rifles. He points out that the warlords on the planet below engineered the fever so that they could clear the free zone of refugees before others could claim it. If they traded half to one warlord, half to another, and gave the Rangers part of the cut, it would be "bad guys killing bad guys". The Ranger leader agrees. As they take the crate back to the ship, he activates his comlink. "Reach out to the Marked Woman," he says. "We've found him."

In the present day, Jack, Picard and Riker observe the massive ship that emerged from the nebula in the Ryton system. Picard asks who they were, but Jack admits he doesn't know, only that whoever was piloting the ship has resources; the Fenris Rangers came after the Eleos first, then Klingons a day later, and then three Starfleet officers who tried to "prime direct [him] into an early grave", as Jack puts it. The Eleos' power levels are failing, and its systems are damaged because it was too close to the nebula for too long. Riker recalls that Beverly had said to "trust nobody", and wonders what the unknown ship wants. Picard knows they have to find out, and possibly find a way to negotiate. Jack asks for a threat assessment, and the computer dutifully reports that the unknown ship has all of the Eleos' systems targeted, with a one hundred percent probability of destruction. "They're not here to negotiate," he sums up. He believes he had things in hand before Picard and Riker showed up, but now that they were there, they might as well be useful: his mother needed medical care, and the medical pod she was in was losing power, so he hoped their shuttle had a "larger friend" close by. Riker confirms they came on the USS Titan, which was still somewhere nearby. If they could get Beverly into the shuttle, they could get reach out to the Titan.

The Titan holds position on the Federation side of the border. Ensign Sidney La Forge detects faint power readings near the Eleos' position. Commander Hansen orders a diagnostic scan, and Lieutenant T'Veen detects photonic signatures along with an energy reading that she does not recognize, before confirming it was a ship. Captain Shaw consults the readings himself, seeing its weapons capability, and asks if it has entered Federation space yet. La Forge reports the ship is remaining just on the edge, along the nebula. Hansen realizes they're going for Picard, and thinks they can intercept if they go quickly, asking La Forge how long it would take. To their shock, Shaw belays that; when Hansen points out that Picard and Riker were out there (and emphasizes their ranks), Shaw retorts by emphasizing her own rank compared to his before pointing out that the Titan was an exploration vessel that would be outgunned by the unknown enemy, and that he would not risk his ship and all five hundred members of the crew for Picard and Riker, who he dismisses as "relics" who think their decorations for service made them "golden boys". "They dug their grave, they took you with them," he tells her, ordering La Forge to hold position, then brusquely dismissing his first officer. When she holds her ground, staring him down, Shaw emphatically dismisses her again. Without another word, she leaves.

The unknown ship continues to simply circle the Eleos, leaving Jack wondering why it simply doesn't hail them. He tells Picard and Riker they have to go, and calls Picard "captain"; when he corrects that to "admiral", Jack shoots back that history remembered him with "one less pip". Jack preps his mother's medical pod for transport to their shuttle. Watching him head to the docking bay, Riker wonders to Picard about Jack being Beverly's son, and pointedly adds that there was something familiar about him. Just then, the unknown ship fires a spread of photon torpedoes, the blast throwing Jack back onto the bridge. Picard worriedly sees the medical pod is quickly losing power and Beverly's lifesigns are fading. Adding to their problem, Jack tells them they need a change of plan, as the attack destroyed the shuttle. They were now trapped.

Act One[]

On M'talas Prime, Musiker listens to the Federation news cast of the attack on the Starfleet recruiting center; the media attributes the attack to Lurak T'Luco, leader of a Romulan rebel faction. Frustrated, she opens a secure channel on SS La Sirena's bridge to her unknown handler at Starfleet Intelligence. She reminds them that she had been sent undercover to try and stop the use of the quantum tunneling weapon stolen from the Daystrom Institute facility, but she had failed, and 117 people were confirmed dead in the attack, deaths she feels she could have prevented. Her handler admonishes her not to seek blame or anger. Musiker intends to keep digging to find out who was responsible, but the handler replies that Starfleet Command has ended the investigation, as a suspect has been identified. Musiker is incredulous that they would believe someone like T'Luco, who had never made it to anyone's "most wanted list", could somehow breach an ultra-secure Daystrom offsite facility and take such a weapon. She thinks T'Luco probably bought it on the black market and was not the one who stole it, and a Ferengi crime lord named Sneed claimed he brokered the sale between T'Luco and an anonymous seller. She intends to question Sneed again, but her handler repeats that Starfleet Command has ended the investigation and orders her to disengage. When she again points out the 117 dead, the handler warns it would be 118 if she continued, and tells her not to engage. Musiker angrily asks why her handler is hamstringing her, and demands a face-to-face meeting, which is quickly denied. Making up her own mind, Musiker feels she needs to speak for the dead, and leaves to question Sneed herself.

Aboard the Titan, Hansen confronts Shaw in his ready room, the captain wondering if he should confine her to quarters. Hansen reports that Lieutenant Mura detected weapons fire, likely at Picard's shuttle, and reminds him that the shuttle was unarmed. Shaw dismissively replies he would put that in his report to Starfleet, and asks if she assisted Riker and Picard in commandeering "his" shuttle. She attempts to evade by saying they were perfectly capable of finding the shuttlebay on their own, but Shaw dismisses this as "bullshit". Deciding to play to his ego, Hansen tells him that he could either be the hero who saved two heroes, or the captain who sat by and allowed two legends to die. "It's your call," she adds, ending with a grudging "sir" before she leaves.

Jack Crusher and William T

"Surrendering is an option."
"Haven't offered terms."
"Well, I could offer them you two."

Meanwhile, Jack sums up the situation aboard the Eleos: they have no visuals, their only escape has been destroyed, and help is not coming. Riker asks if they've attempted to communicate. Jack sarcastically thinks surrender is indeed an option, and thinks of offering Picard and Riker to them. Meanwhile, Picard is setting up devices around the bridge, as Jack wonders if the "legendary admiral" has any ideas. Picard replies he is not strategizing, but safeguarding. When Jack asks from what, a transporter beam attempts to take him, but Picard activates the devices in time: transport inhibitors. It confirms that the unknown enemy wants Jack himself, alive, and if they can't take him out, they'll come in to take him themselves. As if in confirmation, the gravimetric lock activates. Riker has Jack toss him a plasma charge, which he rolls into the nearby corridor to deal with the intruders. Just as it seems they were in a stalemate, however, the unknown ship begins pulling the Eleos in with its tractor beam. Power begins to fail all over the ship, Jack resorting to pounding the system keeping his mother's medical pod active. Riker suggests diverting power to create a repulsor beam, but Jack warns it will not work; they've limped by for weeks, and didn't have the power to spare. Resigned to his fate, Jack tells them only it was nice to meet them. Just then, Riker detects something coming in on sensors.

The Titan interposes herself between the unknown ship and the Eleos, breaking its tractor lock. Shaw orders red alert, and to have Picard and Riker beamed out. T'Veen detects four lifesigns, and Shaw quickly amends that to getting them all out, muttering that the Titan was "basically a hotel now". Hansen orders a channel open to the Eleos, telling them to prepare for transport. The alien ship prepares to fire on them, and Hansen orders Ensign Esmar to beam them out, but Esmar cannot obtain a lock on them. Picard realizes the inhibitors were still active, pulls out his phaser, and destroys the devices, before telling them to try again. Picard, Riker, and Jack materialize in the transporter room, the Titan's security holding phasers on them as Jack raises his. Picard gently waves them all down.

Act Two[]

On M'talas Prime, Musiker meets with her ex-husband, Jae Hwang, who asks how their son Gabriel was doing. Jae mentions that Gabe told him how she ambushed Gabriel at his baby's doctor. Musiker is shaken to hear that's what her son thinks of her, but adds that she wanted to see her granddaughter in person. Jae asks if she was keeping clean, and she confirms she is, and is back with Starfleet, because she wants to be, indeed has to be. When she asks about his "connections", he is initially angered, but she assures him it was for work; she knows he turns a blind eye to the backroom dealings in his bar, and wants an introduction to Sneed. Jae is incredulous, considering him a monster, but Musiker is adamant, saying she was working for Intelligence but they were blind to "something big". Jae recognizes the signs, remembering that Musiker getting involved in conspiracies led her to spiral into drug addiction. She asks how he broke away from it, thinking he made it look easy, but he says only he made a choice, especially after his son was born. He chose his son and his art because it was enough for him, but it wasn't for Musiker, and Gabe pushes her away because he remembers that. She continues to press on the importance of her mission, but Jae had thought she had come for him to put in a word with Gabe. He demands she make her choice: Either he can send a message for her to Gabe, or arrange a meeting with Sneed, because he will not do both. The look on her face tells him all he needs to know.

In the Ryton system, the unknown ship circles the Titan, and T'Veen reports all four were brought aboard, with the "injured civilian" beamed directly to sickbay. Hansen suggests they retreat at maximum warp, but Shaw replies they have engaged, and wants to know with who and why. Security escorts Picard, Riker, and Jack to the bridge, and Shaw tells them they were in "so much trouble". Jack sarcastically mentions how his mother said to "trust no one" and yet they brought everyone. Esmar tries to get the captain's attention, finally yelling "captain" – and Picard, Riker, and Shaw all answering, before the former two defer to the latter. Esmar reports the enemy ship was hailing them. Shaw orders the channel open. The cheerful-looking humanoid on the other end greets them with "good afternoon", thinking it was indeed afternoon in the Sol system, and identifies herself as Captain Vadic. She appears to recognize Shaw, who confirms his identity, adding that he was having a "good morning" before this. Vadic seems glad to hear this, and adds she was glad he remained "functional", given his official psychological profile with Starfleet. Picard steps forward, saying that Vadic has caused them some trouble and demands she state her business. Vadic recognizes him as well, "in the synthetic flesh" as she puts it, before accusing them of harboring Jack, who has broken a number of laws both inside and outside Federation space, and has a sizeable bounty on his head. Shaw emphasizes that Starfleet does not negotiate with bounty hunters. Vadic is almost gleeful as she sees he does not understand his situation, reminding him that the Titan was outside its jurisdiction, but lowers her shields so they can scan her ship to provide "clarification". The scans of Vadic's ship show a variety of numerous incredibly powerful weapons, including isolytic burst warheads, antimatter missiles, and an unknown weapon loaded in the primary bay. Vadic gives them one hour to surrender Jack to her. "Turn your back to run," she threatens, "and the only way you'll see the shot that kills you is through the hole in your proverbial chest." She then shows them a "parting demonstration" of her intentions, using the tractor beam to hurl the Eleos into the Titan.

Shaw, Hansen, and Picard all turn to look at Jack, wondering what he had gotten them into.

Act Three[]

Hansen reports that the Eleos impact broke through the shields and blasted shrapnel through deck 11. Shaw (somewhat rhetorically) wonders how such a thing was possible; La Forge answers that it was a reverse tractor beam with polarity phasing, adding that her father had taught her any law of physics could be weaponized or countered with another law of physics. Shaw then sums up the situation: They couldn't run, as they would be destroyed the moment their nacelles lit up, the nearest ship was days away, and the nebula was interfering with their long-range communications. "We are essentially cornered," he rambles, "in space, which has no corners." Dismissing this line of thought, he asks what information they had on Vadic. There was nothing in Starfleet's files, but Hansen – a former Fenris Ranger ("antiestablishment pirate types", as Shaw calls them) – recalls rumors of a ship that flew no flag, but carried every weapon known to Starfleet, and some that weren't. He then wonders about Jack, and she hands the PADD over to him.

In the conference room, Jack tells Picard that who he was was not important, but Picard thinks it most certainly is, because it was no longer just about Beverly, but about him as well. Jack is adamant he has told them everything he knows, and knows nothing about Vadic. Riker reminds him that they were at a disadvantage and urges him to think, for both himself and his mother. Just then, Shaw, Hansen, and two security officers enter, Jack remarking that it had taken longer than he thought for that. Shaw reveals that Jack Crusher is known by a number of aliases, and that they had been "conned by a con man"; Vadic's claims were valid, and they were harboring an intergalactic fugitive. He orders Jack taken to the brig. He then turns on Hansen, relieving her of duty for insubordination. Picard tries to speak in her defense, but Shaw is dismissive; he is inclined to give Jack over to Vadic and return to Federation space, and save the rest for the tribunal. Riker is outraged, wondering when Starfleet started giving in to hostile demands. Jack was wanted for trial, not execution, and Vadic's ship was a "guillotine". But to Shaw, the rules of engagement outside Federation space were clear, that he had to preserve the safety of his ship and crew, reminding them of the kind of firepower Vadic's ship carried; if they engaged, they would most certainly lose. Picard asks Shaw to let him speak to Jack, as there must be something more to what is going on. Vadic had given them an hour, so Shaw gives Picard half that to prepare Jack for departure.

Picard and Riker in Titan-A turbolift

"Are you not seeing what I'm seeing? Do the math, Jean-Luc."

In the turbolift, Riker wants to know why Picard is "dancing around" the issue. Picard thinks he's talking about whether or not Jack is actually Beverly's son, but Riker dismisses that, looking to what he really sees, and tells his old captain to "do the math". Picard chides him for speculating, but Riker is adamant: "Tell me, honestly, you do not see what I see." Picard is left to think that over, before he arrives in the brig.

Picard decides to begin in a confrontational stance, admitting that he had an affinity for "virtuosos", but noting Jack's particular instrument was deception and thievery. Jack calls that a "hell of an opener", then asks about his mother. Picard notes she was mending, but unable to defend him, so he must defend himself. Picard brings up his criminal record, noting that he was wanted for organized crime on Andoria, actual terrorism on Binar III, and for the death of a man on Andreus V. Jack calls that last charge "unfair", as the man was a Falsettian, who went into a deep hibernation for seven cycles. The file also showed him being sighted on Kemiyo, a known war zone. Jack corrects him by saying it was a rebellion, the Kemiyans had been fighting against their oppressors for decades, and he brought them medicine and supplies. Picard sarcastically calls him a "freedom fighter", and Jack concurs only in the sense that a doctor fights for the freedom of his patients not to die, which he believes he does, "at best"; at worst, he admits he's a thief. Picard agrees, that he stole medical supplies, but also weapons and other prohibited cargo. "Currency is currency and medicine isn't free," Jack retorts, saying that the people who disliked him were gamblers, low-level gangsters, and "fathers of daughters everywhere", not vigilante bounty hunters willing to fight the Federation. Picard scoffs at the "lovely self-pardon", believing they both knew Beverly would never permit it. Jack counters that she had taught him so, being an equal partner in his work. Picard counters that he knows Jack is lying because of that, but Jack bites right back, asking when Picard had even spoken to Beverly last, if anyone was still the people they knew, or if he had been planting roots in his vineyard while everyone moved on. Picard finally point-blank asks who his father was, and Jack heatedly replies that he never had one. Picard is somewhat shaken by this, as Jack now resigns himself to being handed over to Vadic to ensure his mother survives, "especially if it puts an end to this conversation". Picard believes that he should be tried in courts, not handed over to criminals; to hand him over to Vadic is to acquiesce, and worse, it betrays an old friend. However, keeping Jack aboard puts the Titan and her crew, including Beverly, at risk, and Picard has only 18 minutes left to decide what to do with him.

On M'talas Prime, Musiker makes her way to the back room to meet with Sneed, who is surrounded by a variety of "retro" Human artifacts, including a hand grenade and a baseball. He cracks open a Slug-o-Cola and invites Musiker to sit, as she was "making [him] nervous". Sneed remarks on how he brokers deals between people because he knows people, and he knows Jae and who he knows… except he didn't know her, which made him wonder how well he knew Jae. Musiker, not quite play-acting, remarks that artists were "unknowable assholes" who lived in their heads instead of the "real world". Sneed laughingly agrees, thinking that was why his first wife left him for Starfleet. Musiker seems to identify herself as such, saying that Starfleet didn't know how to live "high-class", as she pours a small bag of valuable crystals on the table in front of him. Sneed seems interested, but remarks that no one asked for "nothing for something", and that it would offend him if it did. Musiker mentions rumors of the portal tech deal to T'Luco. Sneed off-handedly mentions T'Luco went underground after destroying the Starfleet facility, but Musiker claims she works for him, and demands to know who paid Sneed to frame T'Luco for the attack. Sneed is suspicious, thinking that Musiker is working for Starfleet or Section 31, and slides an aerosol narcotic injector over to her, telling her to prove that she wasn't. She sprays the substance in her eye, feeling it take hold. Sneed calls the drug "Splinter", as it felt like one was being "ripped apart and pulled back together" over and over again. He then demands to know who she works for. Musiker maintains the lie that she works for T'Luco, earning a laugh from Sneed, who is impressed by her ability to resist the drugs. He proves that she doesn't work for T'Luco by lifting his severed head from the nearby ice box, asking if she thought he would risk his reputation by not tying up loose ends and selling out the "big fish". He decides he will take her money, but leaves his guards to take her head. She stabs Sneed through the hand, causing his guards to react, but before they can fire on her, one is killed from behind by a long blade. A white-haired Klingon begins cutting through the guards before finally taking off Sneed's head. After securing his blade behind his back, the Klingon helps Musiker to her feet, but the drug has left her disoriented. "I told you, do not engage," Worf chides her quietly, as he helps her out of the bar.

Act Four[]

Picard and Riker approach Shaw with a proposal that does not involve cooperating with Vadic. Riker reminds him that Jack Crusher was still a person, but Shaw is adamant he will not risk his crew for the son of Picard's "ex-girlfriend", if indeed he is her son anyway, and that fifteen minutes remained to give Vadic her answer.

In the brig, Jack nonchalantly places a device attached to a line on his wrist against the wall near the force field, and asks the security guard what the power level is, reminding him that he was required to tell him under Starfleet regulations. When the man does so, Jack activates the device to bring down the force field and headbutts the man unconscious.

In sickbay, Riker checks with the chief medical officer, Dr. Ohk, who informs him that Beverly suffered an arterial wound, but she had managed to stop the bleeding and believes Beverly would pull through. She was also under heavy sedation so she could recover, but Riker grabs a hypo and injects it into Beverly's neck despite the doctor's protests.

On the bridge, Shaw reminds Picard that this was not a diplomatic issue anymore, that they had already engaged their enemy. Picard insists they re-establish communication, but Esmar reports that Vadic is hailing them; Shaw orders her put on screen. "It's been centuries since timepieces last ran on the mechanics of gears," Vadic says, "and yet that persistent sound you hear is the gentle ticktock of passing seconds." Picard reminds her they still had time, and Vadic assures them that she will honor the terms, but thought they might like to know the name of her ship. She calls it the Shrike, after the Earth bird: "one that doesn't attack in anger or malice, one that isn't made frantic by hunger but rather kills surgically, carefully." She says they can either give her Jack now or continue to delay, but with each passing moment, she would "peck and jab" at them, until they had nothing left but the choice to give her what they could have given her already. "But certainly, take your time," she ends cheerfully, as she cuts the channel.

Beverly Crusher and William T

Crusher on the bridge of the Titan with Riker

Shaw is now convinced they had to turn Jack over, but Esmar reports a security breach: Jack has escaped. Shaw orders a security alert, and to have all shuttlebays and transporter rooms locked down. Hansen, irrespective of whatever rank or post she might have at the time, finds him first; he is holding the transporter chief at phaser-point to unlock the transporter. She calls to the bridge and reports the situation. Picard realizes that Jack has decided to turn himself over anyway, thinking Starfleet wouldn't, because he is trying to protect his mother. Shaw advises Picard to clear his conscience, because whoever Jack was, he was just not worth risking the Titan's crew. He orders Esmar to unlock the transporters. Just then, Riker gently escorts Beverly to the bridge, and Picard is stunned to speechlessness to see her. Her expression leads him to realize what Riker had been getting at earlier. Asserting his rank, Picard belays that order, and has the shuttles and transporters locked down; "the boy stays here." Shaw is convinced Picard is going to get them all killed and asks why he is doing this. Picard replies that Jack is his son too. In the transporter room, the standoff ends, as Jack and Hansen lower their weapons. Resigned to what will come next, Shaw orders full power to forward shields, and La Forge to prepare them to fly. He takes his seat, and tells Picard that whatever happens next was on him now. Picard orders communications open to the Shrike. Vadic compliments Picard on his precise timing, and asks for his answer. Picard looks to Beverly, then says only one word: "Engage!"

The Titan gives Vadic her answer: a spread of photon torpedoes, before veering off. Vadic is almost giddy as she orders her helm to follow. Shaw and Picard both appear to be in agreement: If Vadic wants a fight, she will have to find them first. As the Titan flies into the nebula, Vadic laughs gleefully as the Shrike gives chase.

Memorable quotes[]

"What the hell is that thing doing?"
"I don't know, but it looks pissed!"

- Shaw and Sidney La Forge, on the Shrike

"Who is your father?"
"I never had one!"

- Picard and Jack Crusher

"I told you, "Do not engage"."

- Worf, after rescuing Musiker from Sneed

"It's been centuries since timepieces last ran on the mechanics of gears and yet that persistent sound you hear is the gentle ticktock of passing seconds."

- Vadic, warning the Titan that time is running out to hand over Jack Crusher to her

"Clear your conscience, Picard. Whoever this kid may be, he is not worth the lives of my crew.(…)"
"The boy stays here."
"You are going to get us all killed. Why are you doing this?"
"Because he's my son."
"Oh, goddamn it. Tactical. Full power to forward shields."

- Shaw, being told the truth about Jack Crusher by Picard, causing him to overcome his aversion to Picard and readying his ship and crew for battle after all.

"How very precise with your timing, Jean-Luc Picard. And your answer?"

- Vadic and Picard

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  • TRR: "Disengage" discusses the making of, and events in, this episode.


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anti-deuterium; bio scan; captain's quarters; cardiovascular system; channel; database; D'deridex-class; encryption; energy signature; engineering; Groumall-type; helm control; identification; intruder; Jem'Hadar battle cruiser; long range shuttle; magnetic containment field; malfunction; mission update; nacelle pylon; neural system; officers' mess; Operation: Daybreak; power; power level; pulmonary system; respiratory system; saucer; scan; scan analysis; science; secure channel; vitals; warp core

Star charts references[]

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Slug-O ingredients[]

caffeine; caramel color; carbonated watar; cola nut extract; phosphoric acid; slug extract; sugar

Meta references[]

flashback; "I'm a doctor, not a..."; intertitle

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